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    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    The problem seems to be that i'm on Mac and bought it on App store. The upgrade does not work for the App store and on Mac. Its the same i can't open up the new installation. It tells me... ''Looks like you don't want the free template set? In order to continue using the app, please click MORE INFO below.'' I have open a ticket but i contact support before and no answer. So i think i properly can forget this Logo creator. Only for windows user and for buyers on this site not on App Store
  2. Hi, i bought The Logo Creator version 6.8.0 in the App Store 2015. But now this version does not work on my Mac after i made an update to my Mac. On The logo creator it say i can update for free to Version 7.2.9 but i cant figure out how to make this work. Upgrade does not work. It just reinstall a new version. Please tell how to make this work. Please help me. Regards