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  1. Hi How do I use my 29 credits to purchase the lifetime deal $97? I already have all the templates so its my understanding all the new templates will be added to web creator free so no more costs for any templates that you release. Thanks, Jim
  2. I am having the same problem this afternoon April 4. I didn't know the creator had to be connected to the server to work on my computer. So I guess that means when Laughingbird servers are down so am I. Is there know other way to run the software without connecting to your servers? Thanks Jim
  3. I have been using Logo Creator for years and use it daily and have all the templates and never a problem. But today when i started the program the program is greyed out all but the main menu, I can't click on anything to make it work. I tried to restart that not work. It will connect to LaughingBird site. Any ideas? Thanks Jim

    Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    Hi, I have another question, are you still going to develop anymore graphic packs for the Logo Creator or is this a shift to make the Web Graphic Creator your main program going forward. Thank you

    Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    I did send a request when it was on sale before it went public and never heard back form anyone.
  6. How can we use are credits toward the purchase? Thanks