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  1. Dave Castle

    .exe files for graphics installs

    As Perfect as anyone could hope. Yes, they are .exe because they do the work. What an amazing software. Marc and Lisa have created. Love it! Dave Castle
  2. Hello everyone, Happy Holiday season to you all. I have a couple of new graphics paks and I am not sure what to do with them. My first inclination is to just run them with my Creator software open and see what happens. I'm just a bit hesitant to do that. Here I go I'll do one of them and if I'm right I'll let you know or if this is not the way I 'll hang out here with a pot of coffee till I see the answer Dave Castle
  3. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    You Go Lance be well!
  4. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Excellent crash course Lance thank you. So for me, I can get rid of all those folders I've spread around the hard drive as all the client folders are not necessary. You and KD-did have been immeasurable I've had the software for over 10 years and I've learned more in these couple days with you folks than I taught myself as a casual user. Now I feel comfortable offering this as a service to the business world. What is the secret, or size, to get the banner to be clear and not fuzzy I feel it they all look a tad out of focus - or worse? Is it not good practice to construct the banner based on the edges of the YouTube Guide? Here is the channel ID UCyRQ7XLPftwRXmbuRJBY2bw for the one of mine in question
  5. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    One more thought here if I may, should I put all those folders into a Laughing Bird system file or library? I think I could also delete them all as the images are called up inside the software too! As it was today thanks much for the great insights and taking ownership of seeing this through with me.
  6. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Thanks for your insights this was a watershed moment of clarity. lol
  7. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    I sure will you take care! Thanks for your help on this! Off I go! Have a great rest of the week!
  8. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Yep current version whew!
  9. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Funny I have always exported folders like that. What a relief that all I need is to export and done. That will save me years of time going forward. Also I sure thought I was on the latest version of 7 let me look
  10. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Stunned is the word that comes to mind. It worked sending to the desktop! Thank you to each of you for your help on this.
  11. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Excellent Lance while I try that I'll share these insights with you folks.
  12. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Hello again, I tend to save the work to the related folder for that project not the desktop. I'm on Win 10. Thank you for staying on this KD-did
  13. Dave Castle

    YouTube Banner Graphics

    Hello KD-did, thank you for your reply, I tried it as well with the same results. the output is only a thumbnail-sized image. I am open to more ideas! Thanks again for your help Dave
  14. Hello Everyone, I've been a customer as long as I can remember and for some reason, I am having a challenge outputting a YT Banner. the file I get is only 315 px. The image is amazing but I'm close to 3 hours into what should be an easy fix and I am finding no solution. Even with the image format at the required size no luck, darn it :-) I have a lot more to do today than wrestle a banner LOL. So any insights would be helpful as I have a number of them to do in Creator 7 Love the products and Marc and team are wonderful to work with for over a decade, this has me stumped. PS made a mess of the image, as did every other image software in my toolbox. Thanks All, Dave Castle