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  1. Kevin Flatt

    Cannot export images

    I know. I looked at his FB page.
  2. Kevin Flatt

    Cannot export images

    Hi Zomby. I tried saving it elsewhere and it worked. for some reason it didn't like the location on my drive. Kevin
  3. Kevin Flatt

    Cannot export images

    Hi Zomby, Don't worry, I'll get hold of Marc. I have just been approved to his Facebook group. Here's a link for you: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/ Thanks for your help. Have a great day. Kevin
  4. Kevin Flatt

    Cannot export images

    Hi Zomby. Thanks for replying. It's just a YouTube thumbnail. I have created heaps of them and exported with no problem in he past. The YouTube thumbnails are an addon to the software. I tried saving the project then closed the software - opened it again and opened the project - still won't save it. I tried the support desk but apparently it is no longer functioning. Where is Marc these days? Kevin
  5. Hi. I have been using the Creator7 for a number of years. Today I suddenly cannot export a YouTube thumbnail PNG image. It goes through the motions of saving but nothing is there. Any ideas? Kevin