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    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing your creations Kevin.
  2. snginc

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. snginc

    Output DPI

    I have used the creator to create business card graphics and they worked just fine. It wasnt at 300 dpi but it worked just fine!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Have you tried to download the file again? Also what unzip utility are you using?
  5. snginc

    What size do i need to make this

    I do believe Marc created a whole set of social media templates.
  6. snginc

    Saving image for a t-shirt design

    It's because The Creator 7 is designed to create web graphics not graphics for t shirts. You'll have to create it as big as you can in The Creator 7 then use an external program to make it bigger.
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    Hi from Pete

    Welcome to the Forum Pete.
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    Hi from Hunny

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. My name is Jerome but I've been known as Smiley since I was in college. A Veteran of the Navy (15.5 years) and a serious Info Junkie. Back in 2010 I started seriously with Internet Marketing and havent looked back! I bought The Creator back in 2013 to help speed up the process of making software dashboards. ? Now I use it daily! ? I use it to create memes, backgrounds for video memes, ecovers, software dashboards as well as promotional graphics. I'm in the process of creating my own graphics packs like Lance does! ? If you have any questions send me a message.
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    Hi from Joan

    Welcome to the forum Joan. Looks like you are putting The Creator 7 to good use on your blog! Keep up the good work!
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    Hey- I'm Chris!

    Welcome to the forum Chris!
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    Welcome to the Forum Spike!
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    Gday from the Land down under

    Welcome to the forum Barry! Looking forward to seeing your own creations!
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    Hello from Denmark

    Welcome to the Forum Jan!
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    The call me Profit Moffatt

    Welcome to the forum Jason! The reason I bought the Creator 7 4 years ago was because I needed to create dashboard graphics rapidly. The only time I have used Fiverr was for an ecover and the results sucked! I use the Creator 7 daily from memes, videos memes, software dashboards to promotional graphics, its my go to piece of software. Jerome
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    Paulb Webdesigns

    Welcome to the forum Paul!
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    James Here!

    Prior to starting the group on Facebook, this forum was very active. I used to be an admin here. I'm an admin on 2 other forums. Forums are active based on how expressive you can be. Once they open up more threads (especially the free or for sale graphics) , on this one I'm sure there will be more activity.
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    Im Glo

    What's up Glo!
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    James Here!

    Welcome back to the forum.
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    A.K.A. KD-did

    Welcome to the forum KD!
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    Hi! My name is Lance ( aka. Sad Duck )

    Sadduck...the man the myth the legend!