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    • Mr Laughingbird

      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

      Welcome Welcome to the new Laughingbird forum...


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  1. Hi, I am Mustapha.

  2. Hello from Canada

    Welcome to the forum Sue. We look forward to seeing your graphics creations. Jerome
  3. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome to the forum.
  4. IN 10 MINUTES...

  5. Hi from BC Canada

    Welcome to the Forum!
  6. Welcome to the forum! Have you tried to download the file again? Also what unzip utility are you using?
  7. What size do i need to make this

    I do believe Marc created a whole set of social media templates.
  8. Saving image for a t-shirt design

    It's because The Creator 7 is designed to create web graphics not graphics for t shirts. You'll have to create it as big as you can in The Creator 7 then use an external program to make it bigger.
  9. Hi From Jim L. in Tampa

    Welcome to the Forum Jim!
  10. Why logo is so important?

    If you can't get the grammar right, there's a chance that a logo wouldn't be created correctly. The original post looks like it wasn't created by someone who's native language is English. The post has the format of a forum spammer. As an admin of several forums I have seen a ton of spam posts in my time and this fits into that pattern. Also there's no information on your profile, the more information you have on your profile, the more credibility you have.
  11. Hi from Mark H. in Iowa

    Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing your TC7 creations.
  12. IN 10 MINUTES...

    I do back ups weekly and whenever I add new graphic packs to TC7. I've had to do multiple back ups over the last week because of all the new packs you guys have put out!
  13. Make a 'fuzzy' yellow sun!

    Brilliant idea Lance!
  14. Welcome to the forum @Haim!

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