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  1. Hello

    Welcome to the forum. Looking forward to seeing your creations Kevin.
  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Output DPI

    I have used the creator to create business card graphics and they worked just fine. It wasnt at 300 dpi but it worked just fine!
  4. Welcome to the forum! Have you tried to download the file again? Also what unzip utility are you using?
  5. What size do i need to make this

    I do believe Marc created a whole set of social media templates.
  6. Saving image for a t-shirt design

    It's because The Creator 7 is designed to create web graphics not graphics for t shirts. You'll have to create it as big as you can in The Creator 7 then use an external program to make it bigger.
  7. FREE FREE Elements by KD-did

    love the designs. take the background out and they could be buttons!
  8. Hi from Pete

    Welcome to the Forum Pete.
  9. Hi from Hunny

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. FREE FREE Elements by KD-did

    Thanks for the great graphics! KD-did
  11. Hi from Joan

    Welcome to the forum Joan. Looks like you are putting The Creator 7 to good use on your blog! Keep up the good work!
  12. Hey- I'm Chris!

    Welcome to the forum Chris!
  13. Hello

    Welcome to the Forum Spike!