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  1. Well, I've already worked around it by deleting the png background file which I renamed and redoing it. Although now when I go to save it as a png, it insists that I save it somewhere other than the template folder which I was working in - because it can't save pngs in a template folder. I don't recall that ever happening before. It's still a great piece of software. My beer labels have never looked better
  2. Now I get a message which says I tried to open something which isn't a template folder. And when I can get one open some of the elements are missing. Probably because I renamed them. Don'tya just love Catch-22s?
  3. Well, I found some with hyphens in them, and a couple with special characters. So I removed those things. Both from the folder names and the templates contained in the folders. New problem. All those templates have now disappeared from the templates which display. When I go to the Open Template option on the File menu and go directly to one of the missing template folders I get a message which says it already exists and do I want to overwrite it. I'm guessing that will delete/destroy my existing template.Not what I want to occur.
  4. Whenever I open Logo Creator (I'm using 7, although this has also happened in earlier versions) and click on a template what opens is the template displayed immediately after the one I want. Is this a bug? I something off in my version? How do I fix this?