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  1. Thank you for your explanation! Heinz
  2. Hi, when I try to drag an image in a bumper template in a field for a video, i get an error message (first select a text or ecover elemnt.....). I selected a element but I always get the same message. Is it possible to drag a video into the template (that's what it says in the field). Thank you Heinz
  3. I think I found the solution. I seledt a template from the first part of the templates. I modify this template with my images and save it as png file. Then I select a template from the second part and insert the saved png file. Works quite wenn. Heinz
  4. Hi, When I draw an image onto an Author eCover template in most cases the image is distorted. How do I get the image undistorted? Thank you Heinz
  5. Hi, I tried to cancel my subscription to the Web Graphics Creator. But it says I cannot cancel right now try again in a few minutes (see attached screenshot). But it never works. How can I cancel my subscription? Regards Heinz
  6. heinzw

    Mockup error

    Thank you! Heinz
  7. heinzw

    Mockup error

    Other templates seem to work fine. Heinz
  8. heinzw

    Mockup error

  9. heinzw

    Mockup error

    Thanks for replying. On the screenshot the yellow selection frame is visible. Heinz
  10. heinzw

    Mockup error

    It seems to happen only with this template (see screenshot)
  11. heinzw

    Mockup error

    Hi, I select a Mockup element and drag an image to it. And I get: First select a text or eCover element. Then drag an image from the desktop to anywhere on the canvas. Whats wrong? Heinz
  12. heinzw

    Mockup elements

    I know how to use the backgrounds
  13. heinzw

    Mockup elements

    Hi, I just purchased the Mockup Creatot. On the sales page a lot of graphic elements are mentioned. Where can I find them? What can I do with the Mockup Backgrounds? I miss a tutorial video! Heinz
  14. heinzw

    Full Screen

    Hi, I set my screen to 125%. Now I cannot switch the creator to full screen. Does anybody know what I can do? Thanks Heinz