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  1. Hi from Joan

    Dear Well-Known Member, snginc, thanks for writing. I am definitely putting The Creator 7 to good use on my blog! I love it. Thanks for your kind encouragement! Never Give Up Joan https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com
  2. Hi from Joan

    Dear KD-Did, Thanks for writing. I love Marc's software and graphics. I look forward to the new things ahead. Do something fun for you today. Never Give Up Joan
  3. Hi from Joan

    Dear Gunsmoke, Super Mod, Thanks for writing. I appreciate your kind words about my blog. I'll consider your idea. Do something fun for you Never Give Up Joan
  4. Hi from Joan

    Dear Fellow Laughingbird Software users, I love Laughingbird software. Marc does a fantastic job of creating software and images that help graphic artists. I use them to create images for my blog: https://joanyedwards.wordpress.com/ I share ideas to help people keep on going towards their goals and give additional ideas to help writers and illustrators. Never Give Up Joan