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  1. Thank you for your reply Yes you helped with problem #2 going to go looking for those files again thanks. Ok Problem #1 So I didn't transfer I downloaded I have both 6.8 and the lasted ver of the creator on my new computer. So I have all the old templets from when I first got the software. I still have my old computer so I will try again to do this again I think I understand what might have gone wrong after what you posted above. So I will give it another go. I can open the files up in paint and they look fine there, just not in TLC. ETA: Found the Business people in the library file. Also found the others there too LOL!
  2. Ok I have transferred my software a long time ago to my new computer. Finally feeling well enough to get back to designing . I had already put my logos from my old computer on a flash drive. Ok now what LOL I tried to open one directly from the drive into a templet and I get a little tiny square of a bunch of colors. That is problem number 1 Problem #2 I downloaded some more software and can't find it. I normally have zero troubles with downloading new software but this time can't find them anywhere. THe150 business charters, 100 PSD inforgraphics and the white label marketing course. I have unzipped them and installed them can't find them anywhere? Where did they go?