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  1. Hi all! Just saw that the Laughingbird Facebook Group just hit it's 6,000th family member! Come on in and say HI if you haven't seen it! ... it's free free free and totally fun https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/
  2. Mr Laughingbird

    Social Media Graphics

    Hi there @sherriashley! Welcome to the new forum Yes, I hear you on this. As of now... there is no way to resize the convas and have the images inside "Snap" to the correct location (for example, going from an Instagram-sized image and shrinking the canvas down to a Facebook Timeline header... the images will need to be moved into place ) but! that's what I did for all of my "Laughingbird" graphics (the logo here in this forum -- and the images in the Facebook Group all come from the same template). I just had to move things around. I'm working on a solution.
  3. @Mike Mc Wow. Mike Mc sent me a few screenshots from some NEWSPaper ads he's created. I see a large handful of templates that he modified for each ad. He's used a lot of the templates from The Business Card Creator, modified them and used them in his printing! Mike owns his own Printshop - send him a note if you're interested in what he's done!
  4. @Jonathan Thompson is famous in the group for posting his "Today is National *** day" memes. He's got great coloring in the memes. He uses the color picker to pick out the gist of the colors and works it all into the text!
  5. Our very own @LisaSly Lisa Sylvester created an entire Pinterest Channel using the graphics she's created with the software! She posts them daily. ... and the traffic coming from Pinterest is growing daily as well!
  6. Mr Laughingbird

    From Stephen Auker

    @StephenAuker Stephen Auker has a great Youtube channel and he uses The Youtube Graphics Templates to create some really cool thumbnails for his channel. THIS time, he's using the Viral Puzzle pack to create questions beneath his videos to get more likes and views - and tons of his viewers are interacting with them! Great idea - he added his own "expressions pack" (his face with different expressions) to the graphic.
  7. Mr Laughingbird

    From Stephen Auker

    Hi Stephen! Yes... I don't like forums either and I'm going to work hard on making this easy. This new forum software I'm using is really cool. Hold tight! This will be a fun place to hang out in
  8. Mr Laughingbird

    Upgrading from V6.8 Important NOTICE

    Just saying that there are few people using version 6.8 any more. That version was completed in 2014 ... so from then on, version 7 has been out. And soon, we'll have version 8 But, with that said, yes. Uninstalling version 6 with the "uninstall" feature in Windows may delete the templates as well as they're attached to the version 6 app Version 7 and on was created differently the above no longer applies
  9. Hi everybody! as I work on this forum, I'll be moving and changing things around quite a bit. The coloring and font sizes area still off (to me) so I'll fix all of that. I'll be adding new areas too! The latest one I've just added "Creative Ideas" may make a few light bulbs go off for you! Come take a look: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/forum/forum/27-creative-ideas-and-awesome-graphics/
  10. Here's a cool idea that I wouldn't have even thought of! Printing on aluminum. We'll have to ask Mark Pierce exactly how and what he does for a living (he runs his own 'sublimation printing' service)
  11. Mr Laughingbird

    From Joe Enderle

    Here's a cool idea I found in the Laughingbird Facebook group! Joe @Joe Enderle had the idea of using the software to create a greeting card for his daughter's birthday! Looks like he may have used the PaperToons Template Pack and added in his own toon image!
  12. This one is from Joseph Schinzel - he used a video program called "Viddyoze" for the animation and imported the graphics he created with The Creator7 into it! Pretty slick! Download the video and take a look: Joseph_Schinzel.mp4
  13. Mr Laughingbird

    Im Glo

  14. Mr Laughingbird

    How do I re-download my software?

    Hi Lisa! To redownload your software - hop over to your members area: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/ OR, use the button that's built into the software:
  15. Mr Laughingbird

    Hi! My name is Lance ( aka. Sad Duck )

    Coolio Post Lance. ... I didn't know you had the handle Gunsmoke back in the CB days!
  16. Mr Laughingbird

    The call me Profit Moffatt

    Awesome Jason! Good to see you in here Now you'll be able to show off what you create (and plug your stuff at the same time!) I'm loving how this new forum works. Still have a ways to go to fine tune it all. Mahalo for posting brah! Marc