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    Okay. Sorry Suzu. Here's how the software works. ALL of the templates and graphics are located inside your Documents folder on you computer... inside a folder called "Laughingbird Documents" they will remain there forever unless you manually delete the Laughingbird Documents folder. OR, if you change machines or reformat your machine of course. So let's figure out how or why your templates are not there. You mention that you have already downloaded and installed the eCover set. If so - open your documents folder and tell me if you see anything inside the Laughingbird folder. Sorry to keep asking if you have installed, but it's a common problem as most users think the templates install with the Creator7 app. They don't. So you have to work with me here as I'm blind on my end without knowing exactly what happened. There is no way for the graphics to magically just disappear, we have to figure out what has changed since you last opened the software. Have you updated the software recently? https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/ Marc
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    Ah. Great. Have you installed The eCover templates yet? Make sure you login, and download the eCover templates and graphics and then install them!
  3. Mr Laughingbird

    Affiliate Page Needs Soe TLC

    Hi @StevenSpiller! Sorry about that. I'm fixing and changing my affiliate program. I'll announce the new system this week. Yes, I have disabled that plugin ... it was super old (like 6 years old) and it started giving the website trouble. Hang in there! I'll have a much better system up (and you'll still get 50% of every sale ) Marc
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    Hi there @Suzupetal Hmmmm.... your screenshot above appears to be the trial version. The white 'splash screen' in your image (where it says "Welcome to the Creator") is telling you to download and install the 'demo template' set. One you do this, you'll have content. If you've already purchased a template set... you can redownload and re-install it from: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members Let me know if this is where we are Marc
  5. Mr Laughingbird

    New with Laughingbird

    Hi @Star Glad you popped into the forum with this question @KD-did is on the right track. Let's start fresh. Look into your documents folder on your computer. You'll see "Laughingbird Documents" You can delete this (since all you have are the demo templates in there anyway) Launch the Creator7 and it will create a brand new blank and fresh Laughingbird Documents folder. Then, visit your download area and download the template sets you mention above: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members See if this clears out the cobwebs, then we'll move forward from there. Marc
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    The NEW Laughingbird Forum!

    Awesome @Chris! I think so too
  7. Mr Laughingbird

    I can't see my templates!

    Hi Crazy! You have an account don't forget -- login here: laughingbirdsoftware.com/members If you don't remember your password, you can click the "i forgot my password" checkbox. You can redownload your software again if you need to. Did you recently change computers? Maybe the files are still on the older computer? Just guessing. If you can drop any more info - it would help
  8. A while back, in the Laughingbird Software Facebook group ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/ ) There was a post asking if it was possible to put a custom image into a "circle shape". It IS possible! And I wanted to show you how to do this. The template set used in this video is from the "Flat Graphics" Package
  9. Mr Laughingbird

    Creating outlines over IMAGES

    Here's a cool way to create an outline over IMAGES (not just text) using The Creator7 software. It works pretty well with most graphics. ... this tutorial also shows you how to create a quick watermark for your 'art gallery' or maybe your youtube videos! Make sure to watch it in HD! Let me know what you think! - Marc
  10. Mr Laughingbird

    The Overlapping Letters Trick

    Here's a cool trick I posted in The Laughingbird Facebook group a month or so ago. This video shows you how to "overlap" two letters (or words) to create some cool graphics!
  11. Mr Laughingbird

    Steve Rosenbaum

    Hahahaha... Hi @Steve Rosenbaum! Glad you joined the forum! You should talk a bit about your bots! Marc
  12. Mr Laughingbird

    Hey All!

    @markcall my friend! Great of you for joining! Hope all has been well with you. I follow you quite a bit on the Facebook side
  13. Mr Laughingbird

    Check out the emoticons

    Great reminder I'll fix the size of the thumbnails on the back end so they don't look so 'squished'!
  14. Mr Laughingbird

    Creating a Meme

    Hi @Terry Cummings! Welcome to the forum. ...hmmm, @KD-did might be on to something in her post above but I think you may be asking a different question. It sounds like you may be SAVING rather than EXPORTING your final image. If you 'Save' the file, you're actually just saving the template to be modified later (you can open it back up using the FILE > OPEN menu). This saved file comes with a very small thumbnail image - which is what I think you're seeing. Use the FILE > EXPORT menu option instead This will put a PNG or Jpeg graphic onto your desktop at the exact size your canvas was. Let me know if this is what's happening.
  15. Mr Laughingbird

    Gday from the Land down under

    G'Day @aussiebaz! Make sure to add a photo to your Profile! Good to see you in here Barry Marc
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    Yes, the answer should be "C"
  17. Mr Laughingbird

    Creating Characters

    Hi @new light! Yes, I hear you - great suggestion! We're working on a pack that contains different poses. The hard part is creating the "side view" graphics. Like if the character is facing front and also a 3/4 view, then the 'eyes' and other features need to also be front and three quarters view. LOTS of eyes But I'll get my cartoonist brother @Dave Sylvester on it! (right Dave!?) Marc
  18. Here's a technique to try when creating your next graphic. Leave a little white space at the bottom of your final graphic and export it as a 'transparent PNG' image. It'll look kind of 3D (the template was taken from "The eCover Creator" template set)
  19. Mr Laughingbird

    Hello from Florida

    Hi @Rick2071! Lol, what can I help you with? Let me show you the light ... anything you were looking for but can't find? Marc
  20. Mr Laughingbird

    The NEW Laughingbird Forum!

    Hey Wacki! Nice to see you back! Hope all has been well with you Bill! Marc
  21. Mr Laughingbird

    Starting off on a project

    Hi @DouglasJH hmmmm... this is a great question! If you use an already created Jpg, the image has probably already been downgraded. You won't be able to upgrade / enhance it unless you have a tool like Photoshop. OR, one of my GoTo tools: Pixlr! https://pixlr.com/ I found a great tutorial that may help you. Check it out (http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Jpeg-Image-Quality
  22. Mr Laughingbird


    Howdy back at you @howdy Set up your photo and profile pick so we can say Howdy face to face! Or cartoon face... whatever you want
  23. Mr Laughingbird

    Hi its Jeff

    Hi @Jeff Davis! Nice to see you in here Marc
  24. Mr Laughingbird


    Hi there @UtkuAkkoc Yes, there are some answers missing Most of the puzzles that don't have answers don't need them (like "what was the last TV show you saw..." ) But I did miss a few answers. Which ones did you need? Here's one for The Triangle puzzle:
  25. The main support pages for Laughingbird Software are located at the following: (and of course, make sure to post any questions you have here in the forum!) The Main Support Page: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/help-and-support/ Laughingbird's Knowledge Base: http://laughingbirdsoftware.helpscoutdocs.com/ Laughingbird's Free Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/ Help and Laughingbird Product Videos: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/videos/