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  1. December's Thirty-Day Challenge #2: TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF YOUR WEBSITE OR SERVICE AND DRAG IT INTO A MOCKUP TEMPLATE TO CREATE AN OPTIN IMAGE Template taken from The MOCKUP Package and the modified design. Creation time: 3 minutes. And here's the mod:
  2. Mr Laughingbird

    December Challenge Day 01

    December's Thirty-Day Challenge #1: CREATE A NEWSLETTER AND UPLOAD IT TO YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE ONCE A MONTH:Template taken from The Flat Graphics Package and the modified design. Creation time: 14 minutes. Here's the modification:
  3. Hi All! I've been watching my Brother Dave create his "30 Day Challenge" - he puts up a different character each day. It inspired me So, I'm starting my own 30 Day Challenge: I'll be taking one Laughingbird Software template each day from one of our template sets and modifying it. My goal is to modify it in under 20 minutes - and to also inspire you with some cool ideas.
  4. Mr Laughingbird

    Insert a graphic into a shape

    Awhile back, in the Laughingbird Software Facebook groupThere was a post asking if it was possible to put a custom image into a circle shape. It is possible! And I wanted to show you how to do this.The software used was from the new "Flat Graphics" Package"
  5. Mr Laughingbird

    Edit/Select All

    Hi there @Mikeman1 .... hmmm, interesting. So you're trying to rotate all of the images at once? So, for now - this can't be done. But I'm trying to program a group function into the new version we're creating. How about this: Set all of you images up on the canvas as you'd like, then use the EXPORT > PNG Transparent menu option to export the 'collection' as one graphic. Then re-IMPORT the image back onto the canvas. Now you can rotate everything and add drop shadows to it. Try that? Let me know how it goes. Marc
  6. Mr Laughingbird

    Output DPI

    Hi @Lightning Woman Here, watch this quick video: Or this one: Let me know if this helps
  7. This graphic was created for Steve Rosenbaum's Chat Bot system he's working on. Love the idea
  8. Mr Laughingbird

    New Template Set! "The Attention Getters"

    Great! Thanks for the feedback. I've fixed the problem. All should be well now with anybody using credits in the future (if you were having troubles, log back into your account - https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members and refresh the page. The link should be working now Marc
  9. Hi everybody! We're proud to announce our latest template and graphics collection: "The Attention Getters" A collection of high quality (and super modifiable) templates with photo-realistic graphics! Click here to see all about it! Looking forward to hearing what you think of it all! - Marc
  10. Mr Laughingbird

    Could not see People Pak Templates

    Hmmmmm.... Hello @starkiller Well that's odd! Try something for me (I see you're on a Mac so this should be easy). Look inside the Logo Libraries folder again (inside your Documents > Laughingbird Documents) You see "The People Pack" as you've mentioned. But open this up and tell me if there is ANOTHER folder called "people pak" inside it. Let me know? Marc
  11. Mr Laughingbird

    New Template Set! "The Attention Getters"

    Hi @jeff/patricia - @Drew Bourrut hmmmmm.... did you both use the credits? Or did you purchase the package (with Paypal or a Credit Card) ? I'll look you both up. Something's amiss Marc
  12. Hi Creatorpreneurs Here's a cool technique I wanted to share with you while using The Logo Creator software Launch the software and create a black canvas. Add some white text using a really thick font. Find an image that is really colorful, but contains black silhouettes of the subject. Drag the image from your desktop over onto the text. You can then move this image around a bit using the COLOR button from the left side panel! And here is your final image! Modify it anyway you wish!
  13. Laughingbird Software is having a $20 For ANY product sale this summer! Come on over and take a look and grab something you've been wanting ANY product in our store for just $20! Yup! ANY product.
  14. Hi gang! @LisaSly and I are updating the forum! I'm using brand new forum software from a company called Invision Power Board. (https://invisioncommunity.com/) I love it! SO much nicer looking than what we previously had. The older forum showing it's age. We started it in 2004, and it's time to move it into the future. I'm really excited to get this new community up and running. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask away! NOTE, As I did above, you can type in the "@" symbol in front of another members' name to 'tag' them (they'll see it just like they do on Facebook) Talk to you around the water cooler! Leave a post - start a topic - ask a question and have fun. Don't forget to Introduce yourself! Marc
  15. Mr Laughingbird

    Create a "corner graphic"

    Hi all! Here's an easy thing for you to try. Pull down any graphic from the top panel (that sits above the canvas). Drag it down, resize it, rotate it and place it down into the corner. Then import your own image of yourself and use it for an instant ad-graphic!
  16. Mr Laughingbird

    Why not have a Gallery forum?

    Hi @Pete Middleton! Yes. definitely... I'm working on a Gallery feature for the forum. Hang in there and I'll have it up soon
  17. Mr Laughingbird

    Joined today - cant login

    Hi HunnyB Okay, I can look up your account. Did you RECENTLY purchase the software? Or did you JUST purchase the software ? I do see one account for you in my Admin area. I've just resent you your login details. Check your "hunnyhouse" eMail address and see if that gets you in. Keep me posted! Marc
  18. Mr Laughingbird

    Hi from Hunny

    Hi there @hunnyb! Great to have you on board
  19. Hi All! I'm working on a new Element set. "The COMIC ELEMENT" Pak. I'm excited about it - it's coming out nicely and should be completed soon!
  20. Here's a ton of cool characters my very own brother @Dave Sylvester created for the PaperToons template pack! I LOVE these characters and use them in my own advertising and Facebook posts! ... these work for flyers, banners, social media.... cups and tShirts too!
  21. Hi everybody! Come on over and take a look at the NEW Comic Elements Pak! https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/comic-elements-pak/
  22. Mr Laughingbird

    Hi! My name is Marc :D

    Hi everybody! My name is Marc Sylvester. Along with my wife Lisa, we've created this great little community called Laughingbird Software. We've been at it since 2001 and love every minute of it We're working on create a close family here in this new forum, some post away, give and get advice... and be nice We're all fam here!
  23. Hi Creators If you've been having trouble posting here in the forum, it wasn't you... it was my security system. We've fixed it now and you should be good to post again. If you're still finding that you can't... clear your browser cache. (don't clear the passwords or anything else, just the cache... and only from the past week if you'd like. Doing this will blow the cobwebs away and you'll be good)
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    awesome @Suzupetal! Thanks for the update ... glad all is well again Marc
  25. Mr Laughingbird


    ah. Great. Okay, we're getting there. The path to the templates HAS to be: Documents > Laughingbird Documents if you have your templates or graphics on the iCloud drive, The Creator won't find them. The solution is the MAKE SURE that the Laughingbird Documents (that may be on your iCloud drive) are moved or copied to your Documents folder that sits on your computer. Try that - let me know what happens Marc