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  1. Hi @alexis acuña That's a great image. Did you draw it? This forum area is meant to be for those who've used the software to create their images, but I was curious about this one. So, tell us more about this
  2. Hi all! Here's an easy thing for you to try. Pull down any graphic from the top panel (that sits above the canvas). Drag it down, resize it, rotate it and place it down into the corner. Then import your own image of yourself and use it for an instant ad-graphic!
  3. Hi @Pete Middleton! Yes. definitely... I'm working on a Gallery feature for the forum. Hang in there and I'll have it up soon
  4. Hi HunnyB Okay, I can look up your account. Did you RECENTLY purchase the software? Or did you JUST purchase the software ? I do see one account for you in my Admin area. I've just resent you your login details. Check your "hunnyhouse" eMail address and see if that gets you in. Keep me posted! Marc
  5. Hi there @hunnyb! Great to have you on board
  6. This one made me lol Ray Cunningham always makes me laugh when he posts in the Laughingbird Facebook group. He used The Comic Elements Pak for this graphic
  7. I loved this look and feel... and the story Bella told about the graphic in the Laughingbird Group ----- My G-Pa made this the other day, I asked him why it was so dark and creepy? He replied when he was a gunner on a helicopter he was issued one gold coin, whenever they flew a mission they, pilots and flight crew, had to carry it. If something happened to them, they could pay their way to the other side. He no longer flys, but he still believes in this superstition. He also played the song they would listen too, kinda creepy.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kNwvIEQsg0 -----
  8. Shouldn't that be separation not seperation?

  9. Hi Creators If you've been having trouble posting here in the forum, it wasn't you... it was my security system. We've fixed it now and you should be good to post again. If you're still finding that you can't... clear your browser cache. (don't clear the passwords or anything else, just the cache... and only from the past week if you'd like. Doing this will blow the cobwebs away and you'll be good)
  10. Hi everybody! Come on over and take a look at the NEW Comic Elements Pak! https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/comic-elements-pak/
  11. awesome @Suzupetal! Thanks for the update ... glad all is well again Marc
  12. ah. Great. Okay, we're getting there. The path to the templates HAS to be: Documents > Laughingbird Documents if you have your templates or graphics on the iCloud drive, The Creator won't find them. The solution is the MAKE SURE that the Laughingbird Documents (that may be on your iCloud drive) are moved or copied to your Documents folder that sits on your computer. Try that - let me know what happens Marc
  13. Okay. Sorry Suzu. Here's how the software works. ALL of the templates and graphics are located inside your Documents folder on you computer... inside a folder called "Laughingbird Documents" they will remain there forever unless you manually delete the Laughingbird Documents folder. OR, if you change machines or reformat your machine of course. So let's figure out how or why your templates are not there. You mention that you have already downloaded and installed the eCover set. If so - open your documents folder and tell me if you see anything inside the Laughingbird folder. Sorry to keep asking if you have installed, but it's a common problem as most users think the templates install with the Creator7 app. They don't. So you have to work with me here as I'm blind on my end without knowing exactly what happened. There is no way for the graphics to magically just disappear, we have to figure out what has changed since you last opened the software. Have you updated the software recently? https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/ Marc
  14. Ah. Great. Have you installed The eCover templates yet? Make sure you login, and download the eCover templates and graphics and then install them!
  15. Hi All! I'm working on a new Element set. "The COMIC ELEMENT" Pak. I'm excited about it - it's coming out nicely and should be completed soon!

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