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      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

      Welcome Welcome to the new Laughingbird forum...

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  1. Here's a cool way to create an outline over IMAGES (not just text) using The Creator7 software. It works pretty well with most graphics. ... this tutorial also shows you how to create a quick watermark for your 'art gallery' or maybe your youtube videos! Make sure to watch it in HD! Let me know what you think! - Marc
  2. Here's a cool trick I posted in The Laughingbird Facebook group a month or so ago. This video shows you how to "overlap" two letters (or words) to create some cool graphics!
  3. Hahahaha... Hi @Steve Rosenbaum! Glad you joined the forum! You should talk a bit about your bots! Marc
  4. Yeah, I'm workin' on it all. There are lots of color issues
  5. I can 'merge' them on the back end @Glo Let me find it...
  6. @markcall my friend! Great of you for joining! Hope all has been well with you. I follow you quite a bit on the Facebook side
  7. Great reminder I'll fix the size of the thumbnails on the back end so they don't look so 'squished'!
  8. Hi @Terry Cummings! Welcome to the forum. ...hmmm, @KD-did might be on to something in her post above but I think you may be asking a different question. It sounds like you may be SAVING rather than EXPORTING your final image. If you 'Save' the file, you're actually just saving the template to be modified later (you can open it back up using the FILE > OPEN menu). This saved file comes with a very small thumbnail image - which is what I think you're seeing. Use the FILE > EXPORT menu option instead This will put a PNG or Jpeg graphic onto your desktop at the exact size your canvas was. Let me know if this is what's happening.
  9. hahahah how cool is THAT! I SEEEEEE you ! hahahah


  10. G'Day @aussiebaz! Make sure to add a photo to your Profile! Good to see you in here Barry Marc
  11. Yes, the answer should be "C"
  12. characters views

    Hi @new light! Yes, I hear you - great suggestion! We're working on a pack that contains different poses. The hard part is creating the "side view" graphics. Like if the character is facing front and also a 3/4 view, then the 'eyes' and other features need to also be front and three quarters view. LOTS of eyes But I'll get my cartoonist brother @Dave Sylvester on it! (right Dave!?) Marc
  13. forum

    Hey @Zomby I actually did have the Announcements at the top, but since announcing this forum... I wanted some feedback on it all. and YOU are doing just that ... but I do plan on moving the Announcements to the top Marc
  14. Hey @Zomby You've got some terrific suggestions. I'll go through them one by one and see if I can implement them Thanks for posting these
  15. @PierreAlloueteau!! Wow! - great service and great presentation I might just consider this myself. It'll be awhile... but I'm going to consider this

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