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  1. Greetings, I have an issue accessing my templates, I have them in a folder but they are not in the template folder. How do I get them into the folder so that I can use them,?


  2. Unable to export picture

    HI there @Charles Scarlatta IV Thanks for posting.This bizarre error happens to me as well. It is a bug, but for the life of me I can't figure out how it happens. I can't ever replicate it to test - it just ... happens. The solution is to quite (force quite if you have to) the software.Then, open your documents folder on your computer. You'll see another folder called "laughingbird Documents" remove this folder (just drag it to your desktop. Don't delete it)Then, launch the Logo Creator again.(it will create a brand new EMPTY Laughingbird Documents folder - you won't have any logos or graphics)Create something on the canvas. Text, and import an image (use the FILE > IMPORT menu option and find any graphic you may have on your computer).Now, Export this image directly to your desktop.It'll work fine.THEN! Exit out of the software again and put the Laughingbird Documents folder back into the Documents folder (you can replace the 'empty' LB folder. No worries)The software should work again.Let me / us know!
  3. Hi there Creators. This is Day 12 of my 30 Day Template Creation Challenge Click on the hashtag above to see past days you may have missed! T'is the season, so make sure to wish your group, your members or website visitors a very happy merry holiday season! (It'll make them comment on your post too!) This template was created using the new Happy Holiday Template set: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/happy-holidays-pack/
  4. Mr

    Hi there @John Rundle Here, take a look at this quick video. I think it will help
  5. Hi everybody! Lisa, Dave and I have launched a new Holiday Pack! All kinds of cool characters to use in your promotions and Facebook ads - or just to play with Here's a few graphics created with the new set that I've just posted to the Facebook group See more about it all here!
  6. #LB30DayChallenge Hi Everybody! This is Day 11 of our 30 day challenge! Start a Viral topic in your Facebook group ... For example, ask a question like "How do you plan to start your week?" or create one of those viral puzzles - They really get people talking in your group. (and when your members talk and reply, Facebook actually boosts the post even more so MORE members see the post!) It works great and keeps your Facebook group active in their streams Here's an example from the ViralPuzzle template set: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/viral-puzzle-pak/ Here's another example:
  7. Hi everybody. This month, we've decided to start a "30 day" challenge. We'll give you a few ideas each day for 30 days. Try one of them when you can. Take a look at this topic area and you'll learn alot about what The Creator7 can do! https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/forum/forum/43-laughingbird-30-day-challenges/ - Marc
  8. Day 10: Consider creating a design for 'niche' markets. Find a template from any of the template sets. Think of a niche group you'd like to create an ad or a banner for, and then create it! In the example below, I used one of the templates from The Business Card Creator and modified it for a (fake) Yoga site (the original template can be found in The Creator Bundle package: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/the-logo-creator-logo-design-software/ And here is the original template from the business card set:
  9. #LB30DayChallenge Hi Everybody! I'm doing a Thirty-Day Challenge this month. Click on the hashtag above to see past days you may have missed Day 9: Create your own eCovers to sell! Set up a small business designing Kindle eBook covers or software boxes. Or, create covers for your own products or services. Below is an example graphic I created using The eCover Creator template set The templates here were created using The eCover Creator template set: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/ebook-cover-creator/
  10. #LB30DayChallenge Hi Creators (This is Day 8 of my Thirty-Day Challenge for this month. Click on the hashtag above to see past days you may have missed) 30Day Challenge Day 8: Create a group on Facebook (if you haven't yet, you should! It's a blast). Then, on a specific day of the week - at the same time every week - create a post that allows your members to interact with the theme of that day! I used one of the templates in The Mockup Creator for this example idea https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/produc…/mockup-creator/ And here's what I created with the template:
  11. #LB30DayChallenge Hi gang! (This is Day 7 of my Thirty-Day Challenge for this month. Click on the hashtag above to see past days you may have missed) Happy People sell more stuff! When you're doing your sales graphics, make sure to have smiling happy people in the graphic. Take a selfie and put yourself into one of the templates! You can easily add text and other images over your own photo The graphics below were created with The People Pak 3 template set: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/images-of-people-pak-3/
  12. #LB30DayChallenge Hi Everybody! I'm doing a Thirty-Day Challenge this month. Click on the hashtag above to see past days you may have missed 30 Challenge Day 6: Make sure not to forget you can add textures into text! Create all kinds of cool page titles with this trick.
  13. #LB30DayChallenge - Day 5: Use one of the templates to ask a question in your group or Facebook page! Visitors love commenting on things like this. (template taken from the "Attention Getters" Set: Creation time: 8 minutes.) https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/attention-getters-design-templates/
  14. #LB30DayChallenge 30 Challenge Day 4: Take a template from any set and modify it to fit your site's look and feel. In the examples below, I've used one of the templates in the Social Media set and have modified it in two very different ways with just a few new graphics and a new color scheme. Creation time: 30 minutes (because I kept changing things ). Template taken from The Social Media Template set: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/social-media-templates/
  15. Can't Select Objects

    Hi @TexasZman and @Shori Thanks for posting here in the forum. First, let's make sure you're using the latest version of The Creator (v7.2.9). You can see what version you're using when you pull down the ABOUT menu. You can update here if you're not seeing v7.2.9:https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/If you ARE using v7.29, then here's the scoop with the software: You need to actually click on the image. Sounds silly, I know - but the software is programmed so that the mouse touches a 'pixel' If you click in the hole of the letter 'A' for example, you'll be selecting the image UNDERneath the 'A' Make sense? I've tried to fix this - but, it's based on a pixel touch. So let's see if this makes a difference.As for the slowness you mention Shori, that's not good. I haven't experienced this. Do you have a lot of other apps open? So, both of you check for now - make sure you're running version 7.2.9 and post back here if you can Marc