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    Hello- I'm J. Christopher Dunn (Chris) a voice actor and a huge fan of Laughingbird Software. I recently finished a website update with graphics created with The Creator. Take a look. JChristopherDunn.com.
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    Hi everybody! Come on over and take a look at the NEW Comic Elements Pak! https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/comic-elements-pak/
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    Free transparent elements for members. To get a peek at what is in the zipped file take a look at: RWB redo.zip
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    Hi gang! @LisaSly and I are updating the forum! I'm using brand new forum software from a company called Invision Power Board. (https://invisioncommunity.com/) I love it! SO much nicer looking than what we previously had. The older forum showing it's age. We started it in 2004, and it's time to move it into the future. I'm really excited to get this new community up and running. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask away! NOTE, As I did above, you can type in the "@" symbol in front of another members' name to 'tag' them (they'll see it just like they do on Facebook) Talk to you around the water cooler! Leave a post - start a topic - ask a question and have fun. Don't forget to Introduce yourself! Marc
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    Here's a ton of cool characters my very own brother @Dave Sylvester created for the PaperToons template pack! I LOVE these characters and use them in my own advertising and Facebook posts! ... these work for flyers, banners, social media.... cups and tShirts too!
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    Hey Everyone... I have been an avid LaughingBird user for like 10+ years.. Marc has created a awesome lil' piece of software here and I know I will always turn to it for my logos, design, banners and more... it's great to be part of this awesome community!
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    This is a quick mask of a motorcycle gas tank. Place on canvas atop of your desire photo. Then export as a PLAIN .png. The white shape is empty space.Use your Gimp to remove the yellow from around your photo image/s.
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    Hi Everyone, I always forget to visit these forums... I have been a subscriber for several years, went away from it, and came back. I am not very artistically inclined, but playing around with The Creator soothes me, much in the way a crayon book will. Brings my anxiety down when I feel it. Some people take smoke breaks, I take creator breaks I use creator in Wine on Fedora. Works like a champ. I also use gimp (1) as my graphics application. If you don't want to pay for photoshop, but still want something powerful, give it a look. Fully opensource and a really great community. (1) https://www.gimp.org/ Thanks! Jim
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    Additional FREE elements. https://www.dropbox.com/s/d3z7njckk9dp5qz/July Elements.zip?dl=0
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    Great to be here From Tamworth UK
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    Here's a technique to try when creating your next graphic. Leave a little white space at the bottom of your final graphic and export it as a 'transparent PNG' image. It'll look kind of 3D (the template was taken from "The eCover Creator" template set)
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    Hi Marcus. The templates in the Creator7 will be some of the same templates offered in the Web Graphics Creator (we're adding new ones as well). However, any templates that you've created and saved in Creator7 can't currently be brought over to Web Graphics Creator and modified. We are working on making this happen but need a little more time
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    Patricia Busch created (and had it delivered right to her door!) a cool coffee mug! Here's the comment she left on Facebook about it:
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    Hi everybody! Lisa, Dave and I have launched a new Holiday Pack! All kinds of cool characters to use in your promotions and Facebook ads - or just to play with Here's a few graphics created with the new set that I've just posted to the Facebook group See more about it all here!
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    I have used vistaprint several times. Mostly business cards. Yes, they want 300 DPI. But, if you make your card big enough, then use a 3rd party program to change the resolution to 300 DPI, it works fine. At least for me. You have to remember. TC7 is not a full fledged graphics editing program. It was created to make 'web' graphics. 300 DPI is simply not required for that. As I said, it can do print, and do a fine job. It just takes a little work around.
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    I start by simply making my sides 200 x 853, and go from there. You just have to play with it till you get it right. Marc created the drag/drop areas to make it easy on us to create an e-product, but it really is still a work in progress. Everybody was screaming to get it out, and so he did. It's not perfect. We've talked to him about it and it may get updated in the future, or he may do something new. Bottom line is that it works. You just have to play with it till it looks the way you want. Yep. Not perfect. As far as support. There is no support department. Laughingbird Software is simply a family owned business. Marc and Lisa. That's it. They do the best they can. The rest of us are simply users just like yourself, that have used the product for many years. We are not support. Marc will probably get an answer to you soon, but it's probably not gonna be the answer you want. My opinion, and only my opinion, is that it would simply take him too long to go back to that product and pull out all the sizes. He may. You never know ... This is a set I just did up in about 5 minutes. Is it perfect. Not by a long shot. Does it show what I want to show, sure.
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    Hi Jos3ph! I made mine 1290 x 200. The blank grey placeholder allows for the menu options from the forum. I used a graphic from the flat graphics pak.
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    You'll probably have to make it bigger. TC7 is designed to create 'web' graphics, not t-shirt designs. That said, you can create some spectacular t-shirts IF your graphics are big enough. Below is a sample design I created for t-shirts. Note the size of the graphic ( 769 x 1350 ) which prints at 6.4" by 11.2". The second image shows the property values needed by Vistaprint ( which does excellent t-shirts by the way ). It say, for a short sleeve mens shirt that the dimensions should be 2100 x 2100 for a center design t-shirt. You should always create your designs as large as possible. You can always shrink them to fit without losing resolution. It's hard to go the other way. There are programs, and on-line utilities, that can increase size and DPI, but you will lose resolution. One solution, if you have a small graphic you want to use, is to vectorize it. A vector graphic can be scaled up or down with no loss of resolution. Takes some work. Most on-line solutions are not very good in my opinion. Using a service that charges can produce better results, but you'll have to decide if it's worth the cost to you.
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    I use Photoscape on my Win 7 computer. You can download for free here. If you have Win 10, or a MAC, then download here. Photoscape will not only show you the DPI of an image, it will also let you adjust it. The image below is a TC7 creation with transparent background. Katie is correct that the default DPI from TC7 is 72.
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    The default for TC is I believe 72 DPI.
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    You mean like this? Easy peasy!
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    A bot is the search software used by Google and others, which collects documents from the web to build a searchable index for the Google Search engine. For more detailed information: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/182072?hl=en
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    Free Blocks! Sad Duck Use TC7 to duplicate these blocks. Then add text and effects to make your own slogans! Blocks.zip
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    Got a picture of what you are talking about? I'm going to guess, that the word 'Text' was originally in the template and never got deleted. Things will not be randomly added just because you save to a thumb drive. Or anywhere else. Where are you seeing this word 'Text''? Are you looking in the templates folder, after it is saved? If so, I know the answer to your question! But please, let me know where this word is showing up.
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    Did you know... You can become a member of Laughingbird's Facebook group and you'll get to post under our weekly "What-up Wednesday"... You can share your graphics, your business, your social media, your services or goods for sales and more. Best part: It's free to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware
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    Hi all. I finally made it over to the forum. I've been active on the Facebook page for a while now, but it never crossed my mind to sign up for the forum; then I thought... "it's a bit selfish not to share tips and experiences when others have always been so generous to me". So here I am, and I'm looking forward to some good discussion and sharing. Check out my profile for a quick precis of me and what I do.
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    Hi All! I'm working on a new Element set. "The COMIC ELEMENT" Pak. I'm excited about it - it's coming out nicely and should be completed soon!
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    Hi everybody! My name is Marc Sylvester. Along with my wife Lisa, we've created this great little community called Laughingbird Software. We've been at it since 2001 and love every minute of it We're working on create a close family here in this new forum, some post away, give and get advice... and be nice We're all fam here!
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    Hey Creatorpreneurs! We'll be posting all of our graphics and marketing blog articles here as we get our new forum moving! Right now, check out our Most Popular blog articles! We've covered topics such as graphic design, how to use our software, marketing tips and even other software products for your business. Enjoy and please let us know if you have questions! Best, Marc and Lisa
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    Hello From Lincoln in the UK. I've used Marks software when it first came out a long time ago and recently bought it (eCover software) as I'm building a new website selling second hand products that don't have their own designs so I have to add this on different pages. Thank God for eCover. I'll upload a picture of me soon. Thanks a lot. Michael (Centurian)
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    Welcome to the new forum Joan! Nice blog by the way. ( Yes, I do go look ) Not sure if you are a Laughingbird affiliate or not, but you might give it a thought and place a sidebar add on that blog. You never know ...
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    Hey Marc and friends, Jeff Davis here longtime customer, I use C7 daily to communicate and market to the social media world.... this is me not lurkin
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    I just entered this forum and am looking forward to participating! Thanks.
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    Can you attach a zip file and if so how big? The file size limit. Or should they be shown as individual attachments and of course under one's own name?
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    Instead of just doing images you can also do CUSTOM text. Write your text with TC or any program you can choose the font. Export or save as a transparent .png. Use the "PHOTO EFFECTS.. Because it is an image file ANY font will work. Size should be about the size you want finished. http://www.picturetopeople.org/ They also have lots of text effects. THe only thing is I have found that when the text is black the effects don't show up. Now just import as an image onto your canvas.
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    Click on the smiley in the above bar when writing or answering a thread. After hitting the "Reply to this topic" button. Emoticons will then appear. Check out the ones that aren't run of the mill by checking out the Large Smileys under catagories..
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    Hello Everyone! I'm happy to be here. Looking forward to all the great things associated with Laughingbird!
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    The first stumbling block I find is usually what size a canvas size should be. How about you?????
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    Hi @new light! Yes, I hear you - great suggestion! We're working on a pack that contains different poses. The hard part is creating the "side view" graphics. Like if the character is facing front and also a 3/4 view, then the 'eyes' and other features need to also be front and three quarters view. LOTS of eyes But I'll get my cartoonist brother @Dave Sylvester on it! (right Dave!?) Marc
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    Hi @DouglasJH hmmmm... this is a great question! If you use an already created Jpg, the image has probably already been downgraded. You won't be able to upgrade / enhance it unless you have a tool like Photoshop. OR, one of my GoTo tools: Pixlr! https://pixlr.com/ I found a great tutorial that may help you. Check it out (http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Jpeg-Image-Quality
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    Hey hey Laughingbirds, Just wanted to say hi and thank Marc for all the amazing help and effort he's put into this software. I love that I no longer have to go to Fiverr or other outsourced places to make super quick graphics. It did take me a bit to get comfortable with the software but it was some of the best time I've ever spent online because now I can go from idea to finished product in a matter of minutes. Excited for the new forum and to see what other people are doing with the software. Aloha Jason
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    Sadduck...the man the myth the legend!
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    Hi Lisa! To redownload your software - hop over to your members area: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/ OR, use the button that's built into the software:
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    Enhorabuena Sr. Laughingbird por tan buena idea, el deseo mucho éxito con el nuevo foro !! Congratulations Mr. Laughingbird for such a good idea, I wish you much success with the new forum !!
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    Seriously, one of my favorites to play around with!
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    BTW....there is a HUGE list of flags for this effect\. All you tell it do is go and next you will see a file which you download.