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    Hello- I'm J. Christopher Dunn (Chris) a voice actor and a huge fan of Laughingbird Software. I recently finished a website update with graphics created with The Creator. Take a look. JChristopherDunn.com.
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    Hi gang! @LisaSly and I are updating the forum! I'm using brand new forum software from a company called Invision Power Board. (https://invisioncommunity.com/) I love it! SO much nicer looking than what we previously had. The older forum showing it's age. We started it in 2004, and it's time to move it into the future. I'm really excited to get this new community up and running. If you have ANY questions, feel free to ask away! NOTE, As I did above, you can type in the "@" symbol in front of another members' name to 'tag' them (they'll see it just like they do on Facebook) Talk to you around the water cooler! Leave a post - start a topic - ask a question and have fun. Don't forget to Introduce yourself! Marc
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    Here's a ton of cool characters my very own brother @Dave Sylvester created for the PaperToons template pack! I LOVE these characters and use them in my own advertising and Facebook posts! ... these work for flyers, banners, social media.... cups and tShirts too!
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    Hey Everyone... I have been an avid LaughingBird user for like 10+ years.. Marc has created a awesome lil' piece of software here and I know I will always turn to it for my logos, design, banners and more... it's great to be part of this awesome community!
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    Great to be here From Tamworth UK
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    Here's a technique to try when creating your next graphic. Leave a little white space at the bottom of your final graphic and export it as a 'transparent PNG' image. It'll look kind of 3D (the template was taken from "The eCover Creator" template set)
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    Patricia Busch created (and had it delivered right to her door!) a cool coffee mug! Here's the comment she left on Facebook about it:
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    Hi everybody! My name is Marc Sylvester. Along with my wife Lisa, we've created this great little community called Laughingbird Software. We've been at it since 2001 and love every minute of it We're working on create a close family here in this new forum, some post away, give and get advice... and be nice We're all fam here!
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    Welcome to the new forum Joan! Nice blog by the way. ( Yes, I do go look ) Not sure if you are a Laughingbird affiliate or not, but you might give it a thought and place a sidebar add on that blog. You never know ...
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    Instead of just doing images you can also do CUSTOM text. Write your text with TC or any program you can choose the font. Export or save as a transparent .png. Use the "PHOTO EFFECTS.. Because it is an image file ANY font will work. Size should be about the size you want finished. http://www.picturetopeople.org/ They also have lots of text effects. THe only thing is I have found that when the text is black the effects don't show up. Now just import as an image onto your canvas.
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    Click on the smiley in the above bar when writing or answering a thread. After hitting the "Reply to this topic" button. Emoticons will then appear. Check out the ones that aren't run of the mill by checking out the Large Smileys under catagories..
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    Hi @new light! Yes, I hear you - great suggestion! We're working on a pack that contains different poses. The hard part is creating the "side view" graphics. Like if the character is facing front and also a 3/4 view, then the 'eyes' and other features need to also be front and three quarters view. LOTS of eyes But I'll get my cartoonist brother @Dave Sylvester on it! (right Dave!?) Marc
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    The first stumbling block I find is usually what size a canvas size should be. How about you?????
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    Hi @DouglasJH hmmmm... this is a great question! If you use an already created Jpg, the image has probably already been downgraded. You won't be able to upgrade / enhance it unless you have a tool like Photoshop. OR, one of my GoTo tools: Pixlr! https://pixlr.com/ I found a great tutorial that may help you. Check it out (http://www.wikihow.com/Improve-Jpeg-Image-Quality
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    Hey hey Laughingbirds, Just wanted to say hi and thank Marc for all the amazing help and effort he's put into this software. I love that I no longer have to go to Fiverr or other outsourced places to make super quick graphics. It did take me a bit to get comfortable with the software but it was some of the best time I've ever spent online because now I can go from idea to finished product in a matter of minutes. Excited for the new forum and to see what other people are doing with the software. Aloha Jason
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    Hello Everyone! I'm happy to be here. Looking forward to all the great things associated with Laughingbird!
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    I just entered this forum and am looking forward to participating! Thanks.
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    Hey Marc and friends, Jeff Davis here longtime customer, I use C7 daily to communicate and market to the social media world.... this is me not lurkin
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    Sadduck...the man the myth the legend!
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    Hi Lisa! To redownload your software - hop over to your members area: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/ OR, use the button that's built into the software:
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    I everybody, I'm Steve Rosenbaum. Many of you know me as the "Original Back End Specialist" (Don't Google it, you won't like the results ). I'm an author, speaker, and adviser to businesses wishing to maximize revenue per customer. I'm happy to help anybody with any marketing related questions. Thanks Marc for the great software and great community! Steve
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    G'Day @aussiebaz! Make sure to add a photo to your Profile! Good to see you in here Barry Marc
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    My name is Katie Hillman. I am a long time user of Laughingbird Software. I used the software before there was a forum and I have been a member forum since 6/26/2003. I am looking forward to learning this new forums software to help others put and to be able to pass hints. tips and work arounds to other members..