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    I think KD-did hit it on the nose! After creating your canvas at the size you want, 480 x 270, you 'Export' the image. That will create the image file you need. When you 'Save As', then that is saving the 'template' files. You should never have to go into a 'template' folder to do anything. Those are files used by The Creator program. After you 'Export' you image, check the size and it should be 480 x 270.
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    Lee, sorry the answer to this looks like it may be late...Not absolutely sure where you are holding the cursor over....Forgive me it is BC here (before coffee) .First off there is no reason to save a canvas size...Once sized just make your ad.When you close the program the canvas BTW "saving" saves the template so it can be edited and changed.The canvas resizes when your work canvas is closed.The template will save even the size. Check to see what file format you exported your ad in. Only TC can see or open a .tlc file. Attach the file here if the problem persists.If worse comes to worse you can always use a 3rd party....online/installed resizer.
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    Cool, you'll like WGC! I do! Here is another quick template. Keep in mind that once you go to WGC you can import the DVD case images, but not with the placeholders. You'll have to re-create the placeholders in WGC. Reason being, even though we can create templates in WGC, they are stored on line and we can't share them! But, feel free to use my graphics and just import them into WGC. DVD Case Up.zip
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    Try this out. I can do more if you want. Just let me know. I can do the case, front and back, but not the round disk covers. This includes a front and side template for The Creator 7. Just unzip the file and move the folders into your /Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/My Templates/ DVDcase.zip