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    Marc has fixed the issue.
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    Welcome to the SadDuck Club! Don't be shy. Ask questions and hopefully get answers.
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    I do not make the great characters like Glenn and Lance. I make elements. Take a look. Elements by KD.zip
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    Hey! I'm Glenn, Up until Dec 31st I sold image sets on my own website (glenncuneo.com). I shut down the store, and now an "repackaging" many of my image sets to be sold on clipart.com and a couple of other sites. "Large Gary" is an awesome looking parrot by the way! Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljmhg0p0vdq279k/LARGE GARY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2sx9jzq6ndgwhr/LARGE LANCE.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ik33zq7xqgjomaa/Large Jerome.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7pzleevseuhmh7/LARGE HARRY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/sphkx5qm4zyoiri/LARGE BOBBIE.zip?dl=0 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/jf0dcv239ujpj0q/LARGE ALBERTt.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/phu2sm3wkn4apto/LARGE LITTLE JENNY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts0ab44jnpchqan/LARGE LITTLE JEROMINA.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/u7mwy81aps0fh71/LARGE LITTLE LANCE JR.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/kz2aw2gmaum8wjy/MORTIMER MOUSE.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/695s8e4yqv8kzqc/BIG TED.zip?dl=0
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    First of many, I hope, free graphics! I recently gave this away on a Facebook page and now I'm making it available here. Just a few simple Bow Ties that you can add to your characters. Download and enjoy! Bowtie.zip
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    I think KD-did hit it on the nose! After creating your canvas at the size you want, 480 x 270, you 'Export' the image. That will create the image file you need. When you 'Save As', then that is saving the 'template' files. You should never have to go into a 'template' folder to do anything. Those are files used by The Creator program. After you 'Export' you image, check the size and it should be 480 x 270.
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    2 images of a wooden toy train set. WoodTrain.zip
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    Get a dozen wooden eggs. WoodenEggs.zip
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    Marc no longer uses install files so that should not be an issue with future releases. You may just have some of the older template downloads with those installers. Everything new that comes out will not have an installer. You simply copy the elements folders to the element folder and the template folders to the logo libraries folder. Works much better. You are correct about the My Template folder. As soon as you have at least 1 template in there, that folder will show up. Good catch on the people pak folder being one to deep. I'm not sure what character creator template you have, unless it was a bonus something or other that Marc released. There should be none. But hey, if it shows up, use it.
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    There is one Character Creator Template and it shows up. The people pak templates was not showing up. When I looked at it, there was a sub folder called people pak with all of the the templates in it. After examining the other folders, it seems the templates were always only one sub level down. I moved the folder People Pak up one level and now it shows up. There are 6 folder with items in them and now all 6 show up. Two folders, "My Templates and Preview Templates" are empty and don't show up. I would assume that once something is in a folder, it will show up. Problem seems to be solved now that I know the proper folder configuration and the levels that will appear. I re-installed every item after first removing everything, so this is an issue with the install placing files in the proper sequence. Thank you.
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    Still testing things ...
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    Thanks Lance for very quick and useful answers.
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    The latest v7.2.9 has a max size of 2880 x 2880. The Web Graphics Creator ( on line version ) has a max size of 6000 x 6000. However, there is an upcoming release of The Creator v8 that will have at least 5000 x 5000 I think., No release date yet, though Marc says 'soon'.
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    HI everybody! We had a few issues this week. I've been behind the scenes working to secure both Laughingbird Software and the Web Graphics Creator sites. I've done it and everything should be working smoothly now. If you're not able to see The Web Graphics Creator in full, try Logging out, then clearing your cache: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en If you had troubles downloading your Laughingbird downloadable software, that's working now as well. Try once more: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members My humble apologies for the troubles. I had to do this, so it's better for us all - but it did cause a little chaos on the backend - Marc
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    Talking about a surprise, discovering my Laughingbird software not working made me look at everything but the software. A hick-up like this took 3 years of faithful service to happen. Marc, great work.
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    How long does it take you to create a set of graphics to sell and what do you use to create your graphics?
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    For over two years now the max export size is only 2880 x 2880- in spite of the advertised export size being 3300 x 3300. This is something that has never been addressed.
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    Great character for marketing scenes. 10 poses, with a couple of signs! Enjoy! Tammy.zipTammy.zip
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    I can't seem to find any way to lock the forum, so, anyone who is a member can post. They should also be able to upload files. I guess I'll just have to monitor and make sure no one goes ape on me! MEMBERS: Please do not post in the FREE GRAPHICS topic. This is where I will giveaway my graphics. I can't seem to lock it, but I will DELETE unwanted stuff. MEMBERS may post graphics and files they want to share in the Members Giveaway topic!
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    I have over 23,000 images I've made in the past three years. recently I've been updating many of the image sets- rendering them at three times their original size, and making much smaller sets of 20 or so of these updated images. Can I give them away under the free graphics tab- or would you just prefer to stick with your products?
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    Garden Gnomes! Who doesn't think these little guys are cute? Download and enjoy! Gnome.zip
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    Lee, sorry the answer to this looks like it may be late...Not absolutely sure where you are holding the cursor over....Forgive me it is BC here (before coffee) .First off there is no reason to save a canvas size...Once sized just make your ad.When you close the program the canvas BTW "saving" saves the template so it can be edited and changed.The canvas resizes when your work canvas is closed.The template will save even the size. Check to see what file format you exported your ad in. Only TC can see or open a .tlc file. Attach the file here if the problem persists.If worse comes to worse you can always use a 3rd party....online/installed resizer.
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    I've tried using the contact form on Laughingbird.com website to get support but can't seem to connect. I've tried several times. There are errors when I submit your form about my issue. Any way, I have two issues: 1.) I need my license key so I can upgrade/update to the newest version. I can't seem to locate mine. I have attached a list of all the software I've purchased from you. 2.) How do I import images from past purchases of your software into the new one and can I upgrade my other software purchases like: animated graphics, logo creator, etc. etc.? Please get back to me. Thank you. Carol
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    I appreciate both of you getting back to me. Have to say I'm feeling disappointed right now. I still have all the original software, just can't find my license key which is why I've been trying (several times) to reach someone. No answer from anyone yet. I know everyone is busy, its just a matter of using software I paid for with all the extras I bought. Nothing seems to import into the new software: photos, graphics, etc. Any way, guess I'll hope Marc or Lisa find this thread. Not sure what to do about all the software I have right now if they don't have record of my license key somewhere. And, if the new software is incompatible with MAC OS, guess it's either find a way to use the old or say goodbye to Laughingbird.
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    Couple of things here. First, it's Sunday. You 'might' get support, you might not. There is no 24/7 support. Second. You don't need a license key. That is an old and unsupported version of the software. The latest version is free. Simply go to the website and download and install it. Please follow the directions. Until Marc or Lisa get to you and update whatever packs you have purchased, you will need to download and install the free template set. That sets the software up to work. Any graphic templates you have from any version prior to v6.x will not work in the new version. You can import the graphics and reconstruct the template, but that's it. You can find the update here: Latest Version Do not un-install or delete any previous version you have! Most of the v5, Animated Logo Creator and such, is no longer available. Make sure you have back ups! Even v6.x works different from v7.2.9 ( the latest version ) so unless you are hurting for hard drive space, don't delete anything! Hope that helps you get started until Marc and Lisa find this. Good luck!