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This is the place to ask questions about graphics, marketing your business or posting your acheivments. You can talk to other users of Laughingbird Software, post feedback and ask others to see your stuff! Don't be shy, ...have fun in here. We're all family 😀

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    Gifs must be converted to .png or jpg at this time.
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    For awhile it was a 2 step process if you got the V7 graphic bundle. You needed to download the engine before the other parts. Use an online or on board image editor. https://www.onlineconverter.com/gif
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    Well, you need the V6.8 for content. The V7 update only updated the program and had no content. It had no templates or elements..I would complete uninstall , get a fresh download of V6.8 then do update.The reason for doing things this way is TC doesn't overwrite itself and install the missing files. Back up your work....save the .tlc file else where. Then you can simply add it to the My Templates file.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    Use TC to shape your photographs to make ornaments. Make the ornaments different shapes. Then insert them into plastic ornaments.....can be found at t he dollar store. Use different shape mask to shape your photos for your scrape books or make custom shaped backgrounds. Make you own custom shape cutting mask. Color the background. Use an image and color it to a color at 100 % opacity. Export as a plain ,png., Place desired picture on the canvas, Import your custom photo mask on top. Move and size photo if necessary. Once again export and use am image editor to remove the sides and surrounding area. Sample is a star shape photo mask over a TC Comedy background. Star shape comedy star. the result. PC users if there any DS_STORE files in the attached ZIPPED cutting mask files delete before adding to your Logo Elements library folder. Cutting mask .zip
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    Design your own T-Shirts in The Creator. Sad Duck Here is a Template you can add to The Creator that will let you drag/drop your design onto a t-shirt and see what it'll look like! The template comes with a white t-shirt, but the second archive is a collection of colored t-shirts to give you more options. Simply swap them out and see what your design will look like. Find more fantastic graphics on my web site! Sad Duck wTshirt2.zip Tblanks.zip
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    If it doesn't have to do with money or your account, ask away. Lots of folks here to help!
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    If it is the line of being a general question ...you can ask here. Have you tried https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware Have you sent an email to https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/contact-us/
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    Glad you got it working. There have been problems before with Cloud storage. The program is set up to look in specific directories on your computer, not on a cloud drive. Users do keep trying this, and it never works out good.