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    Cool. Probably an old file that was showing. Glad it's all working for you. Enjoy.
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    Yep current version whew!
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    Glad that worked! You should be able to create work folders to export your images to. Just stay out of the template folders! Have fun!
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    Hi Dave, okay, looking at those attached images one thing jumps right out. 2nd image down. See that file that ends with .tlc ? You should NEVER be looking in a directory with that file! Do not save to it, export to it, or even look at it. That is a folder used by the software. Messing with it, messes with the program. Get out! Sorry for getting excited. That will cure your issue though. Now, something else. The name of one of those PNG images starts with TLC6. Are you using version 6? Have you not upgraded to v7.2.9? It's free. Just wondering. Waiting to hear how your export to the desktop goes...
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    Stunned is the word that comes to mind. It worked sending to the desktop! Thank you to each of you for your help on this.
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    My first thought before seeing your screen shot was that you were looking at the thumbnail. Have you exported your work to your desktop? What is your OS?
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    Usually all you do is click on each item's and the download starts after purchase. Look in your elements file as the Halloween has no templates but the holiday set does. I have had the purchase email go to my email address but another removed to the spam folder.
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    Welcome Grace, I have had that happen also. Often it is just a name thing.When they are out of the normal ttf mode like otf, TTF oe even OTF the font show in the menu. What I usually do is use an online font name converter.Usually it is an OS issue OR are program/application specific font. Make sure the font was installed into ONLY in the MAIN font folder. Looks weird here but it does work.just click .ttf mode then click bottom SELECT to re-name it. What is the font? https://onlinefontconverter.com/