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    I've tried using the contact form on Laughingbird.com website to get support but can't seem to connect. I've tried several times. There are errors when I submit your form about my issue. Any way, I have two issues: 1.) I need my license key so I can upgrade/update to the newest version. I can't seem to locate mine. I have attached a list of all the software I've purchased from you. 2.) How do I import images from past purchases of your software into the new one and can I upgrade my other software purchases like: animated graphics, logo creator, etc. etc.? Please get back to me. Thank you. Carol
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    I appreciate both of you getting back to me. Have to say I'm feeling disappointed right now. I still have all the original software, just can't find my license key which is why I've been trying (several times) to reach someone. No answer from anyone yet. I know everyone is busy, its just a matter of using software I paid for with all the extras I bought. Nothing seems to import into the new software: photos, graphics, etc. Any way, guess I'll hope Marc or Lisa find this thread. Not sure what to do about all the software I have right now if they don't have record of my license key somewhere. And, if the new software is incompatible with MAC OS, guess it's either find a way to use the old or say goodbye to Laughingbird.
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    Couple of things here. First, it's Sunday. You 'might' get support, you might not. There is no 24/7 support. Second. You don't need a license key. That is an old and unsupported version of the software. The latest version is free. Simply go to the website and download and install it. Please follow the directions. Until Marc or Lisa get to you and update whatever packs you have purchased, you will need to download and install the free template set. That sets the software up to work. Any graphic templates you have from any version prior to v6.x will not work in the new version. You can import the graphics and reconstruct the template, but that's it. You can find the update here: Latest Version Do not un-install or delete any previous version you have! Most of the v5, Animated Logo Creator and such, is no longer available. Make sure you have back ups! Even v6.x works different from v7.2.9 ( the latest version ) so unless you are hurting for hard drive space, don't delete anything! Hope that helps you get started until Marc and Lisa find this. Good luck!