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    I've been using the software for 16 years now. The best new feature for me? The text handling.
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    As Perfect as anyone could hope. Yes, they are .exe because they do the work. What an amazing software. Marc and Lisa have created. Love it! Dave Castle
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    Any update from version 6.0 thru 7.2.9 of the Creator (used to be called "The logo creator") do not even touch the laughingbird document library- it only updates the program files. The LB doc library is in your main document library. ABOUT THE UPDATES: There was a flurry of updates from 7.0--- 7.2.1, 7.2.2 and finally 7.2.9- that was the update that actually overwrote the program files. Non of those updates did nothing to your Laughingbird document library. Before version 7.2.9 every time you installed an update it installed the update into it's own new program directory. At one time I had 7 different versions all installed. All versions from version 6.0 through version 7.2.9 use the same laughingbird document library. Even if you ran the uninstaller from version 6.6 for example- it didn't uninstall any of your documents, it just deleted the program files. There were some mac users, probably less than 10, in the past that had this issue, that OS hasn't been around for a while now.
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    I know that looks really jagged... if the original is like that I could fix it, but stuff like that costs--- I work for cookies now....