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  4. Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    Yep, we’re still releasing new graphics packs for the Creator7
  5. Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    Hi, I have another question, are you still going to develop anymore graphic packs for the Logo Creator or is this a shift to make the Web Graphic Creator your main program going forward. Thank you
  6. i am using more then 10 of your Creator Software bundles. Not for business but just for fun and i like also the Graphic Creator Software during my 2-weeks trial. But . . . i prefer to bye the software and not withe a monthly membership. Is that possible?
  7. Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    Hi JCURLEE. We’re still working on it but haven’t forgotten... we’ll get your credits transferred and get you in at the discounted price. Did you actually PM Marc on Facebook... if so, he’ll be getting back to you. If not, make sure to do so Thanks for your patience.
  8. Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    I did send a request when it was on sale before it went public and never heard back form anyone.
  9. Hi! Thanks and that’s nice to hear. You are of course welcome to stick with The Creator7! I’d love to know what your bad experience with Adobe was... so we can avoid it Best, Lisa
  10. Hi...love your products but don't care for subscription services. I've had a bad experiences with Adobe. If you offer the option of buying the software license outright...I'm in! Thanks again for great products!
  11. dial up connection not work properly

    Sorry, I'm not sure what you're referring to? Did you purchase the online Web Graphics Creator?
  12. Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    JCURLEE... You can definitely use your credits... If you haven't already, you can PM Marc Sylvester on Facebook and he'll help you out with this. Best!
  13. I know this is something old fashion but I am using this for a long time. I have never faced this kind of problem. My dial-up collection suddenly stop working, So i connect Aol customer support for help, they provide me great service. But is the same problem happen again what can I do?I need your suggestion.
  14. Hello from the great Pacific NW

    Hi Chuck! Great to have you! Love the Pacific NW... in the summer it's the most magical place Join us in the Laughingbird Facebook group. You'll get a lot of great info about the software and graphics!
  15. Just wanted to let everyone know that now Laughingbird Customers have 2 awesome design options: 1. The NEW Web Graphics Creator... an online tool with incredible features, including Video Motion, and easy access anywhere, anytime! or 2. The CLASSIC Creator7 desktop version which has been in the hands of online entrepreneurs and creatives since 2001! Check them out and see which is right for you! Let us know if you have questions. Marc & Lisa
  16. The Web Graphics Creator is LIVE! Create amazing Motion Video Graphics, animated gifs and stunning visual content for your blog, website, social media or marketing. Check out the video and more: https://webgraphicscreator.com
  17. Yes, true Steve. This allows us to add new features anytime without you having to download or pay for new software... and you can access it from any computer, anywhere! It's being offered at a great price for LB customers (before we raise prices and start telling others). Let me know if you have any other questions
  18. Hi, This software is not downloadable, only online service?
  19. Web Graphics Creator Purchase

    There's a lot of dust in the air at the moment.....I can tell you this it is in the works...
  20. How can we use are credits toward the purchase? Thanks
  21. Hi Lisa, Thanks for the response...cheers
  22. Hi Marcus. The templates in the Creator7 will be some of the same templates offered in the Web Graphics Creator (we're adding new ones as well). However, any templates that you've created and saved in Creator7 can't currently be brought over to Web Graphics Creator and modified. We are working on making this happen but need a little more time
  23. Hi Lisa, Truly looking forward to this new software launch....will all my templates from Logo & Creator 7 included in this new software once I purchase it???
  24. Hello from the great Pacific NW

    From your neighbor in Oregon.
  25. Hello from the great Pacific NW

    I'm Chuck. I live in Washington. Here to learn what I can about this great looking software.
  26. Oh good. I can't remember the year I go this. I know it's been over 12 years and creator was in 5.x build. i remember the serial number didnt work and he gave me another one.i found on a cd oddly enough two days ago
  27. Oh yes, you're right! That is a very old product... nothing like the new Web Graphics Creator coming soon (well, except that you can create graphics from templates... hahaha)!
  28. DISCOUNT: Product of the Week

    Thank you. I see so many of them now on youtube.
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