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  3. Output DPI

    The original images in all element sets are only at 96 dpi.... there is a way to get "300 PPI" (DPI is really a term reserved for printer output).... it's not really 300 ppi, but mathematically it makes vista print happy....
  4. Duplicate the item you want to look 3D. The one behind change color.Make it black. I like it at 50%. Miss align it. A thin outline when it is text is helpful.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all you Creatorpreneurs!
  6. Output DPI

    I have used the creator to create business card graphics and they worked just fine. It wasnt at 300 dpi but it worked just fine!
  7. Earlier
  8. Hello From NJ

    I have purchased items since then, checked my spam, no dice I will write them again. Thank you.
  9. Output DPI

    I have used vistaprint several times. Mostly business cards. Yes, they want 300 DPI. But, if you make your card big enough, then use a 3rd party program to change the resolution to 300 DPI, it works fine. At least for me. You have to remember. TC7 is not a full fledged graphics editing program. It was created to make 'web' graphics. 300 DPI is simply not required for that. As I said, it can do print, and do a fine job. It just takes a little work around.
  10. Hello From NJ

    That means you haven't made any purchases since March 06, 2015. That means you do need a new members download account.The old files are not necessarily available Did you send a receipt with you purchase info? You will be able to download the program but being able to re-coop your work will depend if you made backups. Be sure to check your spam folder you should have heard by now. http://laughingbirdsoftware.helpscoutdocs.com/article/80-no-account-in-our-member-area
  11. Output DPI

    Thanks for your reply, For the rack cards I'm trying to do and some car magnets, I'm using a head shot photograph. I can change the DPI to whatever I want in Photoshop and resize it to fit the rack card I have made, put it back in the engine to finish my work and of course, it still changes it and outputs it to what I thought was 300 DPI. That is the lowest resolution vista print will take even for business cards. I make sure to export the main image and not a thumbnail. Doctor's offices LOVE rack cards and I'm a photographer. That's why I wanted this so bad. I edit photos and am not as well versed in graphics design. Would love it if someone knows what the new engine will be outputting in...
  12. Output DPI

    There use to be an option to change the DPI but that has changed. Make sure you don't send a thumbnail size file. And use your Photoshop to open an exported file and change the DPI there.
  13. Output DPI

    Thanks for your reply, 96 is crap! Mark told me it was 300 and that is crap! This is advertised to do business cards, mugs and even car magnets. That is what I need it for.
  14. Hello From NJ

    nope. unable to log into my old account at all. had to start a new account and as of yet have no response from support about my old account and how to recover all of my work.
  15. Output DPI

    Actually, TC7 only outputs at 96 DPI. Not 300. Never has, probably never will. I'm not sure what the new on-line Graphics Creator will output. It may produce 300 DPI. I'm just not sure. TC7 was made to produce graphics for the web. Not print. Smaller graphics files make for faster load times on the net. There are ways to increase DPI but you will lose resolution. I'm sure you know you can only stretch things so far, before they break. You can make your graphic as large as you can ( 2880 x 2880 is the largest TC7 will export at ) and it will make for fine printing. Business cards, even t-shirts, no problem. But if your printer wants 300 DPI then you'll have to use a 3rd party program ( such as Photoscape, it's free ) to change the exported graphics DPI to 300. But as I said, you are simply stretching the image and resolution will suffer the higher you go.
  16. Output DPI

    Thanks for your input. I'm not sure exactly what you mean?I have Photoshop and can output images from my pro camera in fine detail HD in just about any DPI depending on the image. I pull up a head shot for a rack card, make it and then export it for Vista Print and it's blurry every time. I want to know if there is an ETA on when it will output with a higher DPI like one of the earlier versions...
  17. Output DPI

    You can always use an image editor or DPI changer either from something you have on board or online.https://convert.town/image-dpi
  18. Output DPI

    Hello! The engine only outputs in 300 DPI? When will it output in a higher resolution? VERY Important to me especially to do rack cards.
  19. Hello From NJ

    KD-DID: pretty sure he's just talking about logging into the forum.
  20. Hello From NJ

  21. Hello From NJ

    I had no issue just now signing in. Were you trying to enter a specific area or the whole members account? You might want to be sure you entered the assigned password by reporting you forgot the password. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/login/ You might have to manually enter the password each time. I have had that kind of issues. .
  22. Hello From NJ

    Great idea, thanks I tried to log in a couple of days ago and there was a msg about the data base crashing etc and now i cant log in.
  23. Hello From NJ

    Have you setup your members download account? It is the newest system set up March 6 2015. If you have a members account you are good to go. Besides having a back-up I like to make files of ALL my templates elements. I save them so I have all the individual parts so if in the case of incompatibility I can make totally new templates. Having all the files without any being TC I stay good to go.
  24. Hello From NJ

    Hi everybody, been here a while but forgot to say hello. just curious when we will be able to log back in, I downloaded the update but now its asking me to set up a new account. Hope I dont lose all of my graphics...yikes
  25. Canvas Size

    Thanks for the feedback I have a few good graphic programs I can use , but I was just hoping I could use this instead.
  26. PDF

    I'm pretty sure the following is 100% accurate.... It really wouldn't make any difference if you could export it as a pdf for one reason: exports are only done at 72 ppi. You can only stretch an image with 72ppi so far before you get distortion to the image- scaling a 6 x 6" image up to 4 x 4 feet for example. Equate it with a ball of pizza dough. You can only make the pizza crust so big before it starts to thin out and tear apart. Now, with a program that works with vector images, you typically can define the resolution (the ppi) of the exported image. There is no reason to export an image at a resolution of 1200 ppi if it's just for web use--- 72 ppi works fine. With a vector program you can export an image as a pdf typically, and it reduces the file size quite a bit, without a loss of quality. I have such a program, and I can export an image as high as 4800dpi, and as a pdf. PDF file are great to use when you have a large document with multiple images and lots of text--- the document is compressed to the pdf format without a loss of quality to the images. That's why a MS publisher document- such as a flyer, may be 16MB in size in publisher, but only 3MB in size as a pdf. Because the creator uses raster images (png and jpg), those exported images are exported at a resolution (72 ppi) which works fine for websites, and other generic uses where the final image is displayed on the web. The limiting factor in having the image able to export as a pdf is the original image resolution- which is only 72 ppi. Many users seem to think that having images exportable as pdf's is a "solution" to print large graphics at a high resolution. Multiply the image size, lets call it 500 x 500. That results in 250,000 bytes of info to work with at 72ppi- the output of the creator. Triple that size to 1500 x 1500. You would think that's only 3 times the info to work with, however, it's actually 10 times the amount of data when compared to the 500 x 500 canvas size, or 2,500,000 bytes of info to work with.
  27. Canvas Size

    Even with the setting of 3300 x 3300 your image will only export at a size of 2880 x 2880---- at a 300 dpi output that limits the max size to 9.6 inches square. For 300 dpi output every 300 in canvas size will print at one inch at a resolution of 300 PPI. Nww if you stick with being ok with a 72 dpi (which will look ok printed) you can go as large as 38.4 inches square. Most commercial printers will balk at processing such a low res image--- which is why I always say every 300 in canvas size will print at 1 inch at 300 ppi. a canvas 1800 x 1800 will print at 6 inches square at 300 ppi for example.
  28. Canvas Size

    I routinely use a canvas in the configuration needed and resize it afterwards. A great FREE resizer for PC is http://bluefive.pairsite.com/pixresizer.htm. A worthwhile tool to have on your computer,
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