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      The New Forum!   06/12/2017

      Welcome Welcome to the new Laughingbird forum...

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  2. Hi I like to reinstall Creator software into my new laptop. What should I do???? .
  3. Paulb Webdesigns

    Is the site ranking relevant to web design?
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  6. Cool ad graphic from our Facebook group member, Suzi Vega:
  7. Which Laughingbird graphic template pack is the easiest to create a marketing graphic? My choice... the Flat Graphics templates! Flat design makes it easy for people like me, with no formal graphic design training, to manipulate objects... and the templates are right on (so there's less modification needed). Below are some of the templates to choose from, as well as a couple of my own creations using the flat graphics (and the same template!). Which templates are your favorites?
  8. Sad Duck - Creations using TC7

    Just some more graphics I've done up. TC7 is very cool and very easy to use! Sad Duck
  9. Hi Creatorpreneurs Here's a cool technique I wanted to share with you while using The Logo Creator software Launch the software and create a black canvas. Add some white text using a really thick font. Find an image that is really colorful, but contains black silhouettes of the subject. Drag the image from your desktop over onto the text. You can then move this image around a bit using the COLOR button from the left side panel! And here is your final image! Modify it anyway you wish!
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  11. Re: Problem

    If you are saying that you added the logo to your library, and can see it in the directory on your computer, but not in TC7 ... then check and make sure that the file extension is lower case ( ie.. .png and not .PNG ) That does make a difference! Other than that. You can use File/Import png or jpg to add the logo to your canvas. It does not have to come from a built in library. Let me know if that helps, or if you need more information.
  12. Re: Problem

    Hello, seems I've got a problem. I had a logo(my initials) made on fiverr in png and imported it to a logo I made on creator, It worked okay on one logo, but I had another one and deleted an element to replace it with this logo(initials) and I imported it, but it just disappears and where it goes I haven't a clue, but I see it in the lb library. Any idea to get it to work for me and not disappear. I think I'll delete it out of the library and then reimport...is that doable? Regardless, just trying to add it to a logo I made..
  13. Laughingbird Software's $20 ANY product Sale!

    Wow! Thanks for the heads-up Brad! It is much appreciated!
  14. Laughingbird Software's $20 ANY product Sale!

    FYI, it appears the Mockup sales page has messed up code and should be fixed.
  15. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome! Any questions be sure to ask! If you look around the forum there are some pretty nifty FREE graphics to be had. Several users have uploaded freebies so be sure and check them all out!
  16. Here is my take on things. First, are you a Windows or MAC user? If you are on a MAC, well, best do as Katie says! If you are a Windows user ... Your files are located at c:\Program Files (x86) Refer to Fig. 1 I did not uninstall/delete anything in reality. I simply renamed the directories so that the files would not be accessed. Works fine. However, you can delete if you want to. ( After you make an archive backup of the directories! ) Simply delete ( DO NOT uninstall! ) the directories you no longer want. Your templates and graphics are stored in your \My Documents\Laughingbird Documents\ directory and should remain there. If you have made a backup, and things do not work out for whatever reason, simply restore your directory from the backup. Thumb drives are cheap these days, please make a backup! Fig 1: Fig 2:
  17. Here is Marc's words on the subject found on the Knowledge base. http://laughingbirdsoftware.helpscoutdocs.com/article/83-now-that-ive-updated-to-version-70-what-should-i-do-with-version-68
  18. So here is what I have on my machine in the "Uninstall programs" folder.
  19. Yes, I understand the difference between deleting an icon and uninstalling a program. What I'm trying to say is that wen I actually uninstalled TLC 6.0, it basically uninstalled everything else and nothing would work until I reinstalled it. Right now, I currently have 3 versions of TLC on my machine. I have 6.0, 6.8. and The Creator 7. If I load up 6.0, it does not load The Creator 7 with all it's features, it loads 6.0. If I run version 6.8, it loads version 6.8 and all of it's features. Features from The creator 7 will not be present if I load up either one of those installs. I basically have 3 different installs on my machine. I can delete the icons for 6.0 and 6.8. but that will only delete the icons, it will not uninstall either one of those programs. They will both still be on my machine with all their files. Basically, what I'm trying to find out is what will happen if I were to actually uninstall 6.0 and 6.8 (not just delete the icons)? Would it affect The Creator 7 install like it did last time?
  20. SIMPLY put the program doesn't overwrite itself. Never has. It looks for the file....then sees it as being there and adds only the new files.....so it is on your machine 1 time. There is a huge difference between deleting an icon and uninstalling, It is why a clean install must be done from the start when you delete the program. There is no content if the V6.8 is deleted.
  21. Actually, all 3 programs are still on my machine. I could delete the icons but that would not remove the program itself. In other words, I still have all 3 applications installed. If I click on the 6.0 icon, it will load version 6.0, etc.
  22. Why not just delete the icons? The program is installed just once but shows the multiple icons.
  23. I made the mistake of uninstalling version 6 when version 6.8 came out. This basically uninstalled all of the add-ons I had bought and many of the graphics that came with version 6. Luckily, the fix was pretty easy. I simply re-installed version 6 and everything came back as normal and I could use version 6.8. Right now, I currently have version 6, version 6.8, and version 7 on my computer and I do not want to uninstall any of them for fear of losing my template packs again and having to go through reinstalling version 6 again. I would love to remove versions 6 and 6.8 from my machine to free up some space, but not sure if this would cause an issue. Maybe Marc can shed some light on the subject. Is it safe to delete versions 6 and 6.8 once you have The Creator 7 installed? Will it affect any of the add-ons/template packs? It's not that big of a deal since the app is pretty lightweight anyway, but extra space is extra space
  24. Hello Everyone!

    Hi all! My name is Chris Mollo and I have been using The Creator since it first launched! I'm not a Photoshop guy so this software has been an absolute lifesaver! I've launched dozens of products and have been able to create all of my graphics myself because of The Creator. It's absolutely mind blowing how easy it is to use and the quality of graphics you can produce. Anyway, I know Marc knows who I am, and I just wanted to introduce myself to the rest of the forum.
  25. Shouldn't that be controlled by your controls for your printer? For instance the "Photo" setting???What OS are you?
  26. Yes Thank you I have the proper software configuration But printing hard copy is where I get the problem of washed out blacks that become gray.
  27. You need to move the cursor to a darker color by clicking on the eye dropper. The dropper will become stronger in color. Move the circle to desired color.The strength is changed by how wide it is make. Another option is to duplicate text change it to black or whatever color and size it a little larger.
  28. Re: Problem

    Are you a MAC, or Win user? I don't use a MAC, so someone else may need to chime in. Windows: Those folders should be in your Laughingbird Documents folder. c:\user\[your-user-name]\My Documents\Laughingbird Documents That folder should contain \Logo Elements and \Logo Libraries If your folders are in your download area, something went wrong. You can try and drag/dropping them into your Laughingbird Documents folder, but it may or may not work. You may simply have to reinstall the software to get the proper directory structure. PLEASE make a backup copy of your files you try and move anything. You may find this of some use ... FindURmojo.zip
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