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  3. Mockup error

    Thank you! Heinz
  4. Last week
  5. Mockup error

    I found that that is definitely a template issue. That shiny spot can't be highlighted from my experience so the drag and drop won't work. I have done a rework so that you can import your image into that template seen. The picture is a jpg. The zipped .png is a transparent .png. I would start with a clean canvas ans save it so it is found under "My Templates" STAGE.png.zip
  6. Mockup error

    Other templates seem to work fine. Heinz
  7. Mockup error

    It is usually a god idea to do a shut down and a reboot after an installation. Also have you tried any other template?
  8. Mockup error

    Have you done a cold re-boot since installing Mock-ups?
  9. Mockup error

    But did you do it first?
  10. Mockup error

    Thanks for replying. On the screenshot the yellow selection frame is visible. Heinz
  11. Mockup error

    Did you highlight the placemarker where it was to go first?
  12. Mockup error

    It seems to happen only with this template (see screenshot)
  13. Mockup error

    Hi, I select a Mockup element and drag an image to it. And I get: First select a text or eCover element. Then drag an image from the desktop to anywhere on the canvas. Whats wrong? Heinz
  14. Mockup elements

    I know how to use the backgrounds
  15. Mockup elements

    Hi, I just purchased the Mockup Creatot. On the sales page a lot of graphic elements are mentioned. Where can I find them? What can I do with the Mockup Backgrounds? I miss a tutorial video! Heinz
  16. Full Screen

    Hi, I set my screen to 125%. Now I cannot switch the creator to full screen. Does anybody know what I can do? Thanks Heinz
  17. Placeholder Element

    Currently the answer is "NO". You can, however, do a look alike work around. Clear the canvas except for the placeholder object. Export that as a TRANSPARENT .png. Open a new canvas and import ...Make size change to that file. Import the image you would have drug onto the canvas. Place background..
  18. Placeholder Element

    Is there a way to change the size of the Placeholder Element? Sometimes I need to change the size of the graphic around the Placeholder and I would like to still use that Placeholder in that graphic. When I click on the Placeholder I don't see any Editing capabilities.
  19. ajc890

    Looks to me that it asking you to register for your members account. It is a newer setup since March 2015. The members account is where the actual downlinks exist.
  20. ajc890

    Hi, I have been a Logo Creator user for some years but suddenly today, when I open Creator 7, I do not see any Templates. Help please. What has happened. It looks like I am coming in as a brand new user. Normally, I can see the templates in MY TEMPLATES and other TEMPLATES
  21. PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: The Mock-Up Creator! Easy Marketing Graphics! Create your own photo-realistic mockup graphics, without any design experience! Just drag your own images onto the placeholder graphics... 77 modifiable designs! $37 Now $20! Check it out here: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/mockup-creator/ This week only! Enjoy! Marc & Lisa
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  23. version

    Version 7.2.9
  24. version

    Thank you
  25. Membership Club

    It's PayPal Katie. I've run into this before too. You can use PayPal to make a single purchase, you just cannot have recurring (monthly) payments. Germany considers it a security issue. With PayPal, it's a process. I've never set it up on my website, but you are suppose to be able to do it. Marc will have to set this up. Probably will have to contact PayPal depending on how much he knows about the API settings. But it should be doable. Basically, for Germans, you buy a product 1 time. This generates a transaction ID. Then the website owner can generate a script to bill again at specific times, for a specific amount. It still will not trigger automatically. Once a month, or however often, the website owner will trigger Reference Transactions. The buyer then gets the bill and has to approve it. Then PayPal will process the bill. Setup is the key. Then the website owner simply has to trigger it manually once a month. It's an added hassle that most will not bother with unless they have enough buyers to make it worth the effort. Marc may choose to create a 'secret page' where a user can go and make a 1 time payment to maintain membership status. But he'll then have to monitor those users to insure payment each month. Also a hassle. Just no easy way around this except to use a payment option other than PayPal.
  26. version

    MAC or PC, it is v7.2.9 https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/
  27. Membership Club

    I would double check on that being able to use Paypal in Germany. It maybe just your bank that doesn't permit Paypal activity.
  28. Membership Club

    I have a problem with Paypal. I would like to have the monthly membership. But since I am probably from Germany Paypal does not do that. Unfortunately, I have no credit cards. Is there any other way to pay the $ 27 a month ???
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