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    1. gcuneo2


      If you have downloaded in the past, on your laptop / and new computer, there really isn't any reason for you to redownload.   Just look in your download directory and use those installation files.  Reinstall stuff as I described in the other post post and you will be good. 

      When you uninstall the software, you do not uninstall the downloaded installation files.

      The default location for downloads for most folks is:  C:\Users\YOU NAME \Downloads

      Reinstall the engine first (that's what's in the link-- it does not contain any templates), the free template set, then the youtube product.  Just delete the Youtube icon / shortcut on your desktop after you install the youtube product- you don't need it. 

      Here is the link to the "engine"- download and install this first, if needed.



    2. Bumscomedy


      gcuneo2, Thank you, so much it worked!  I just deleted everything and reinstalled everything in the order you said, worked perfect.  I felt like pulling what little hair I have left out, I was just so frustrated.  Question? is this it! will I have to do anything else to keep and use the software from now on?

      Only thing now is Lisa reset my password in order for me to get into my account. Now the issue left is when I log into my account and click on (members info) >, (my profile) >, change password all I get is a 404 page saying! 

      (Ooooops! Can't find page!) So I am unable to reset my password. "I have attached a copy",  So I am opening another ticket she said to contact her.  I truly am so appreciative to you for your help thank you, I believe this is the best graphic software out there, but the process for installation is confusing.

      Terry Pollard 12/9/2018 3:10 PM 

      Screenshot (5).png

    3. gcuneo2


      Log out. You probably need to clear your browser cache, Log back in. 

  5. Lance Tindall

    YouTube Graphics Creator and The Logo Creator 7

    I'll second what Glenn said. there actually is no 'trial'. But, if you install TC7 and do not install a template set within 20 days, then you get that message. But as Glenn said, there is a FREE template set that cures that problem. You may even get that 'trial' message after install a template pack if something in your system goes awry! Follow Glenn's instruction, all should be good. Post back and let us know! We're nosy that way!
  6. You already have the "engine"- (that's the creator's program files- not the templates) installed, no reason to reinstall that, or the exe file associated with the youtube channel graphics installer. You have to install the creator / logo creator engine first. It sets up the document library the it is needed. NEXT: GO HERE, DOWNLOAD THE FREE TEMPLATE SET IF YOU HAVEN'T: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/download-free-template-set/ Then install the youtube stuff- sticking with using the creator exe file, not the youtube.exe file Do it in that order , your 20 day problem should go away. If you are using the youtube exe file/ shortcut I recommend you stop, and stick with using the creator exe file. The youtube graphics creator installation file creates it's own exe- no reason to use it. All you are doing is installing the templates and elements anyway. When the youtube product was first released about 4 years ago it included just the youtube templates / elements, it did not contain any logo templates. You even ended up with a separate exe / icon / desktop shortcut file you clicked on to begin with. At that time many users did in fact click on the "youtube graphics creator" icon / exe file to begin, and no one had any issues, but many did. It was determined that use of the Youtube exe file just didn't work for a bunch of folks and it was recommended that users didn't even need to use it- at that time it was recommended they should stick with using the the logo creator.exe file. Originally the youtube produce was released about NOV 20th, 2014. The was a beta preview released a few days prior to some folks, it got tweaked a bit, and the rtm product was released a few days later.
  7. Ok everybody I have a question? I purchased the (YouTube Graphics Creator) and was directed to install (The Log Creator 7) first during the installation. Every thing installed very clean and full worked, now my issue is (READ VERY CARFULLY) is, that I downloaded the software to my PC, now I just bought a new laptop. I logged into my account, and redownloaded the software that I purchased which is (YouTube Graphics Creator) also the download and install went well and installed clean. My Issue is that on said date 12/6/2018 I opened the (YouTube Graphics Creator) that is installed on my new laptop, and a message indicated that I had not downloaded the free template and would not allow me access or to use my paid for purchase. Now I am thinking to myself that while I did purchase the (YouTube Graphics Creator) but not the (The Log Creator 7) itself, that the (The Log Creator 7) may have been offered only as a trial period and if so why did it never say so, keep in mind that this is my thinking only. After I was denied access back into my account at laughingbirdsoftware thus after going to the page and it saying that my email and password wore incorrect. I somehow suddenly gained access with my original password, now I simply reinstalled (The Log Creator 7) and (YouTube Graphics Creator) from my account in order as instructed. Both installed clean over old and fully worked, and work now on 12/7/2018. My concern now is will the software quit again in two or three weeks telling me to purchase more software and deny me access to my (YouTube Graphics Creator)? Please keep in mind I am somewhat knowledgeable with computers, this form is another ball game so if anyone could just clarify for me my concern I would be so appreciative, Marc sorry for all the tickets, and the few emails but please understand my account was inaccessible, yes I did reset the password after I finally received a support email stating that someone had tried three times to unsuccessfully inter my account! That was me because even when I had interred the correct info it never let me in. I was successfully able to reset my password and everything is good and working now 12/7/2018, just need to know that the download of the (The Log Creator 7) during the install of my (YouTube Graphics Creator) is free 100% or is it a trial and now I need to purchase more software to use the (YouTube Graphics Creator) I purchase. Any help is so appreciated. Terry Pollard 12/7/2018 5:36 PM CST Fort Worth TX.
  8. Randy Luna

    Image Density

    Awesome, Thank you.........I'll try this out!
  9. Randy Luna

    Saving image for a t-shirt design

    This is an old thread but this is unfortunate :) I was hoping to make company t shirts also. There really should be a higher resolution option with such awesome software like this.
  10. Sorry for late, late reply everything worked out thank you. Terry Pollard 12/6/2018 8:56 PM
  11. LisaSly

    NEW: Two wonderful design options

    Hello! Let me help by clarifying the difference between the two: To start... The Creator7 is a downloadable product with separate packs you can purchase to use on your own computer. The Web Graphics Creator is our new online subscription tool that lets you create "in the cloud". Of course, you can make awesome graphics and visual content with either (however, you can add the video motion only with the Web Graphics Creator). In addition, the Web Graphics Creator has additional features and benefits: 1. You get access to all 900+ templates (+ tons of elements) in the Web Graphics Creator at any time... there are no individual packs to purchase or install. 2. You get access to these designs anytime, from anywhere you have a wifi network or hotspot. You just log in online. All of the original templates are there AND any templates you've modified and saved. 3. You get motion video graphics, the ability to save animated gifs, 800+ Google fonts and easy to find stock images, all from within your personal account. 4. We’ll also continue to update and add features, as well as graphics, but you'll never need to pay more than your monthly subscription price. In fact, since we've already added lots of new templates since it was released, we're getting close to having 1000 templates to choose from. Hope that helps! To find out more about the new Web Graphics Creator, please go to: https://www.webgraphicscreator.com ***We've added all of the newly released Creator7 packages, including the recent "Holiday" templates and characters. And, we'll add each new template set as it comes out. At this time, you can't purchase with credits. However, if you have a lot of credits, we may be able to help you out...if you're interested in this, submit a support ticket with your email address so we can look up your account: https://laughingbirdsoftware.ticksy.com/ If you have any other questions, please let us know Best, Lisa
  12. KD-did

    NEW: Two wonderful design options

    I love it and if you have an online presence you will love the additional features. Why not try it for free and cancel if it isn't your cup of tea?
  13. noober

    NEW: Two wonderful design options

    Hi, I already own 12 LaughingBird products including The Creator 7. Why would I want to buy The Graphics Creator? If I choose to do so can I use my credits from The Credit Store? How would I do this?
  14. Todhunt81

    Affiliate Page Needs Soe TLC

    Online marketing is growing day by day. I know a reputed seo company Los Angeles, http://visiblefactors.com/seo-consulting/ that helped my uncle’s business grow extensively in the market. I am helping him by maintaining a blog online where I post about his business product and attract the target audience.
  15. Earlier
  16. Where are they installed? Are they pathed to C drive? Do you see a folder called Laughingbird Documents in your Documents folder? That is the location where they. should be installed....Different than from the "PROGRAM FILES" installation location where the previous was installed..Look tom see that there are two folders...one called Logo Elements and the other called Logo Library. If you are a PC user go to the "MEMBERS' portal sign-in to your account and get a fresh download......that will insure you have no possibility of trying to install a damaged file . Go to and sign in to your account...IF you don't have one request a membership. Provide a receipt for your purchases. It is a new database and the previous accounts before 3/6/15 don't exist in it. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members/login/ If you are a Mac user you should just download the latest version. You can add all the elements from your previous purchases to the Logo Elements depending on the version of your templates there could be issues. For updates check out. https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/updates/
  17. KD-did

    Hello Daniel here.

    Welcome to the forum. We are happy to help. Happy to answer questions.
  18. Hi, I've been a laughingbird product user for at least five years now. My problem is my computer has crashed several times in the last 3 years. My laughingbird software got destroyed in one of these occurances. I think I had "version 6"? Long story short I have: -Big Box Of Mascots -3D Characters -People's Pack and I want to buy -Marketing Mascot Characters But here is my question: How do I make them all work? Now that I think about, you last sent me version 7. It was shortly after that, that my computer first crashed. Thank you,
  19. danielkilburn

    Hello Daniel here.

    Hi folks. New to the forum, joined because I find the Creator software un-intuitive and frustrating. Hopefully I can find some answers here. Little back ground; Am starting an entrepreneurial program and use the software specifically for business cards and handouts.
  20. Lance Tindall

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    Follow KD-did's directions. This is not a Windows only App. It was developed on a MAC and works fine for MAC and Windows.
  21. There was a change that Apple made... that cause the program not to function The solution is a setting change ....you just need to change the setting. System Preference>>>>>Second area check the second box down.
  22. mylivemodels

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    The problem seems to be that i'm on Mac and bought it on App store. The upgrade does not work for the App store and on Mac. Its the same i can't open up the new installation. It tells me... ''Looks like you don't want the free template set? In order to continue using the app, please click MORE INFO below.'' I have open a ticket but i contact support before and no answer. So i think i properly can forget this Logo creator. Only for windows user and for buyers on this site not on App Store
  23. Lance Tindall

    Upgrade not seem to work for me?

    Did you download that update from here? https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/free-design-software-download/ If not, that may be your problem. You are correct though, the update is FREE. If that is where you got the update, and it still does not work for you, you will have to send in a support ticket to Laughingbird. Be sure to include which OS you haver upgraded to. I know he developes The Creator on a MAC, so it should work on the latest version. You can submit a support ticket here: https://laughingbirdsoftware.ticksy.com If you do not hear back within a day, two at most, post on the Facebook page, or post back here and we'll try and chase him down for you!
  24. Hi, i bought The Logo Creator version 6.8.0 in the App Store 2015. But now this version does not work on my Mac after i made an update to my Mac. On The logo creator it say i can update for free to Version 7.2.9 but i cant figure out how to make this work. Upgrade does not work. It just reinstall a new version. Please tell how to make this work. Please help me. Regards
  25. Sorry you didn't hear from Marc. I know he and Lisa try to keep up with everyone but they get an unbelievable amount of email every day, plus everything else going on. Basically, if you don't 'tag' them in a NEW post, then a lot of times you simply slip through the cracks. But, post here and you'll usually get a response in a day or two. We try. Glad it all worked out for you. Post back if you need anything more.
  26. KD-did

    Inporting Templates

    As long as they are both V7 and are compatible ( not V5 templates) you can move them . The simple way.... go to Laughingbird Document folder>>>>Logo Libraries... rename the My Templates folder' Now zip the folder. Merely unzip and move folder to the Logo Libraries folder. I left mine with the changed name and it shows in the drop down menu also.
  27. Would anyone know how to import my templates, I have purchased a new Laptop and wanted to import all my saved templates to the new laptop. After installing the "YouTube creator software" I have sent three emails to Marc, but no response so not sure what or why! I am not even positive that what I am inquiring about could be done. Any information is so greatly appreciated. 11/13/2018 6:33PM
  28. Thank You all for the replies, and sorry for such late response, what I did was save the work I created and then opened it up in a new template and resized it and added other elements. Worked great and got the effects I needed. I have made three attempts to contact Marc, and have gotten nothing in the forum of a response not sure but needed some information. In the end had to figure it out on my own, any way again thank you both for your responses. 11/13/2018 6:15 PM CST.
  29. aussiebaz

    Download issue

    thanks for that tip KD, I will try that
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