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    Let me introduce my self my name is Jay Pasquarille and I promote all kinds of company's on you tube You tube , of course, is the biggest marketplace to scale up or scale down whichever you prefer. I intend to scale all, there is a new thing, now that you can use #in the description to also scale up on you to I attended do that all the time. The secrets is always do your research and also research keywords at the same time detracted I do I will Who scaling up on YouTube and then I used your keywords to scale up myself but for an example when you look for something always look for companies that are scaling out within the network and use the keyword that their use. It does not mean that your copy their business model you are following their example of how to scale up within you tube . Plus, you can search for keywords by using a keyword planer , there is plenty of them on Google. I hope this helps. If you have any questions about this topic let me know and thank you for reading my topic on YouTube marketing.
  4. Hey Dan. I just had Marc send you an email about your account, so please check! Let us know if you have questions Thanks, Lisa
  5. Yes, I’ve got my head and my files in the cloud. And I don’t know how to get either one of them out of there.Lisa, it was a long long time ago that I bought it when it was called something else. I’ve gotten in this jam before and Mark has always help me out. I think I remember digital river as the download place and the email probably was DanLocke2003@yahoo.com
  6. Okay. I'm not a MAC user but I'll take a shot. Most common cause seems to be in upgrading to the latest MAC OS, is that your content is moved to a 'cloud' drive. Please insure you are NOT using the cloud drive. Does not work. TC7 is very specific about where content has to be. Second most common problem is that you do not have the latest version of TC7. Select Help/About and verify you have v7.2.9 If neither of those problems are yours, then simply log into your member account at Laughingbird and download your purchases. Then install.
  7. Hey Dan. I can send a link to re-download whatever you've purchased that you're missing. I just looked you up under your name and I'm not finding you. Do you know what email your account is under?
  8. I have the Creator 7, but I have moved my content to a different machine and then upgraded the OS as well (to Sierra). Now it SEEMS like to me that I am missing some of my "stuff". When I go to the dropdown, I get only Logo Templates V2. I thought that i had several sets of templates, now I just see these. Can anyone tell me how I go about getting template packages that I am missing? Dan
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  10. Very good information. Works well. Thanks for the tip..
  11. PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: YouTube Banner and Thumbnail Creator! Create attention-getting graphics for your YouTube and video channels. Beat the competition by looking more interesting and more professional. Watch the video on how it works out and Save $10! It's an "add-on pak" for The Creator, so there's nothing new to learn. Just install it and it'll add more graphics and templates to your software! Get it for a discount this week only! Enjoy! Marc & Lisa
  12. Setup DPI

    At this time you have to use a 3rd party editor to set a DPI on exported file.There are many FREE online editors. https://www.imageconverterplus.com/features/dpi/
  13. Setup DPI

    Where do I set the DPI for YouTube Thumbnail templates?? Need 300DPI
  14. Rotate Text

    I can only seem to rotate text in one direction clockwise need both directions. How? Never Mind... figured it out.
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  16. If you’re a designer... Check out Marc’s video on How to Create Watermarks to protect your creative work. Best, Marc and Lisa https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/use-the-creator7-by-laughingbird-software-to-create-instant-watermark-graphics/
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  19. I think it was done to allow spacing. THat way thinngs could stay on the same plain but still be given a wide space.
  20. Hi, easy enough to change. The reason for 2 boxes eludes me. Marc creates these templates and he may have just been on bad drugs! Kidding of course! I deleted 1 box and stretched the second a little to make it fit. No problems. As far as your color changes, that is easily done in The Creator. Below is the original card, and the modified card. Start by opening TC7 and selecting the Lady Gaga business card. Delete 1 of the black boxes by selecting it, and pressing your delete key. ( I'm using a Windows computer. If you are on a MAC your keys may be different. ) Select then position the other box how you want it. I changed the text color first, simply because I found it easier. Select the text you want to modify. You'll get the 'Text Menu' displayed on the left. Select 'Color'. You will have to do 2 things here. First, move the color slider to select 'black'. It will actually look gray. Then move the 'Text Opacity' slider to 100%. This will make your text black and it will blend in to the box and vanish. Don't worry about that. It's still there. Select the other white text and do the same. Then select the box by clicking on it somewhere other than where the text was. You'll see the 'Image Menu' on the left. Same as with the text. Select Color. Click on 'Colorize' and move the color picker to 'white'. Your box will look gray. Move the opacity slider to 100% and it will be white and your black text will be seen. The opacity slider can become annoying. If you select the text, or the box after moving the slider to 100%, it will go back to 50%. This is simply the default setting. You will have to go to the color menu for the text or box and move it back to 100% again. And there you have it. Your card should look like the one below. Of course, you will be changing the text to meet your needs.Good luck!
  21. Thanks so much. I just wanted to make a few business cards for a friend and I will look into that Avery software.
  22. This card design has a black box on the bottom with white lettering inside. The Black box appears to be 2 black boxes side by side. WHY? Why not have one box? How are these created? I would like to change to a white box with black lettering. How would this be done please?
  23. Sure. Avery has software, or at least they used to, that will let you print to their card stock, or simple paper. It may all be on-line now. You can check them out here. https://www.avery.com/products/cards/28878 Oh, and it's free! Or you can pay and they'll print it for you. Really, if you look at the cost of the card stock, it may not be worth it. Last I checked Vistaprint would print 500 cards for $9.99 Check around! Try this for the $9.99 discount code. Vistaprint Code
  24. Is there a way to print business card designs to the Avery business card stock. Usually 10 up on a 8.5" x 11" page
  25. Mockup error

    Thank you! Heinz
  26. Mockup error

    I found that that is definitely a template issue. That shiny spot can't be highlighted from my experience so the drag and drop won't work. I have done a rework so that you can import your image into that template seen. The picture is a jpg. The zipped .png is a transparent .png. I would start with a clean canvas ans save it so it is found under "My Templates" STAGE.png.zip
  27. Mockup error

    Other templates seem to work fine. Heinz
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