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  3. Lance Tindall

    Wooden Eggs

    Get a dozen wooden eggs. WoodenEggs.zip
  4. Lance Tindall

    Have 8 folders in my Logo Libraries

    Marc no longer uses install files so that should not be an issue with future releases. You may just have some of the older template downloads with those installers. Everything new that comes out will not have an installer. You simply copy the elements folders to the element folder and the template folders to the logo libraries folder. Works much better. You are correct about the My Template folder. As soon as you have at least 1 template in there, that folder will show up. Good catch on the people pak folder being one to deep. I'm not sure what character creator template you have, unless it was a bonus something or other that Marc released. There should be none. But hey, if it shows up, use it.
  5. There is one Character Creator Template and it shows up. The people pak templates was not showing up. When I looked at it, there was a sub folder called people pak with all of the the templates in it. After examining the other folders, it seems the templates were always only one sub level down. I moved the folder People Pak up one level and now it shows up. There are 6 folder with items in them and now all 6 show up. Two folders, "My Templates and Preview Templates" are empty and don't show up. I would assume that once something is in a folder, it will show up. Problem seems to be solved now that I know the proper folder configuration and the levels that will appear. I re-installed every item after first removing everything, so this is an issue with the install placing files in the proper sequence. Thank you.
  6. Lance Tindall

    Have 8 folders in my Logo Libraries

    Everything is probably working the way it should. Looking at your folders, without knowing exactly what is in them, makes it hard to determine what will show up. First, there are no Character Creator Templates. So that folder will never show up in the left hand menu. The only Character Creator items are the elements that show up in your top menu. Next, I'm guessing here, the Preview Templates, are probably not templates. But, what other directory is not showing up? And have you actually looked into that directory to see if there are any 'templates' there? The reason I ask is that if a folder is empty, or does not contain a template, then it will not show up. Also, even if it is a template folder, if there are obscure files ( other than the templates ) then the folder may corrupt and not show up.
  7. What files you will have will depend on what you purchased.Some files are DB and have no files that can be seen.There is no way for anyone but Marc and/or Lisa to have that information unless you shared. BTW some sets have no templates there will be no folders to be seen in the Logo Library.
  8. Yes. Twice. I know the drill. Thank you. Hope you can help. Considering removing all traces and starting install over again Almost 40 years Mac user here an former Apple Tech.
  9. Have you done a cold re-boot since doing your installation?
  10. This was a clean install this morning since I purchased everything this morning. So I did not mess with any file names or folders. See attached image of my folder.
  11. Your logo libraries contents will be different than mine, what is important is the directory structure, and it's location.
  12. Have 8 folders in my Logo Libraries but only 5 show up in the application. I am on a iMac Pro with the absolute latest software. Here is what is in my Logo Libraries Folder: Business Cards Set, Character Creator Template, Free Templates, Logo Templates v2, My Templates, People Pay Templates, Preview Templates, Scenery Creator Templates The program shows these only: Free Templates, Scenery Creator Templates, Business Cards Set, Logo Templates, Character Creator Template How do I get the others to show?
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  14. Lance Tindall

    Quick Posting Test

    Still testing things ...
  15. Lance Tindall

    Quick Posting Test

    Well, I had trouble posting after the site was moved behind the firewall. I think it's working no. If y'all can read this, I guess it si!
  16. Lance Tindall

    7.2.9 Mac version not working

    If this ever happens again, then simply disconnect from the internet. TC7 is not dependent. All it does is access the internet to download the 'Latest News'. Disconnect, open TC7 again and everything should work.
  17. Sorry, the issue should be resolved momentarily. We've been making some changes recently while dealing with hackers, so it's been kinda crazy :) But, no, the Creator7 does NOT need to be connected to any server to work. In this case, it's just a bad plug-in that is now being removed. Only the online Web Graphics Creator needs to be connected to a server, not the downloadable software. Thanks for your patience :)
  18. I am having the same problem this afternoon April 4. I didn't know the creator had to be connected to the server to work on my computer. So I guess that means when Laughingbird servers are down so am I. Is there know other way to run the software without connecting to your servers? Thanks Jim
  19. Thanks Lance for very quick and useful answers.
  20. By the way, you can upgrade to v7.2.9 for free. However, any v5 templates you have ARE NOT compatible with v7.x so you would have to recreate any graphics you need in the new version.
  21. The latest v7.2.9 has a max size of 2880 x 2880. The Web Graphics Creator ( on line version ) has a max size of 6000 x 6000. However, there is an upcoming release of The Creator v8 that will have at least 5000 x 5000 I think., No release date yet, though Marc says 'soon'.
  22. Hi I'm still using The Logo Creator ver 5, but the max Canvas-size on 1680*1031 is too small for now a days. In Ver 7, what is the max. canvas-size ? Thank You in advance
  23. Lance Tindall

    Apologies for the troubles everyone :D

    It's all working great now Marc! Well done!
  24. HI everybody! We had a few issues this week. I've been behind the scenes working to secure both Laughingbird Software and the Web Graphics Creator sites. I've done it and everything should be working smoothly now. If you're not able to see The Web Graphics Creator in full, try Logging out, then clearing your cache: https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop&hl=en If you had troubles downloading your Laughingbird downloadable software, that's working now as well. Try once more: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members My humble apologies for the troubles. I had to do this, so it's better for us all - but it did cause a little chaos on the backend - Marc
  25. Hey Jim and Steve! Everything working as normal for you now?
  26. Talking about a surprise, discovering my Laughingbird software not working made me look at everything but the software. A hick-up like this took 3 years of faithful service to happen. Marc, great work. 


    1. LisaSly


      Thanks for your support Ronald! 

      Everything working okay for you now?

  27. SteveCraver

    7.2.9 Mac version not working

    Same problem here! But I'm using windows.
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