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  3. You could also try over at Laughingbird Softwares Facebook.https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/
  4. If there is anyone else here that is running Windows 8.1 with no issues please comment here.
  5. Yes I have the latest version and just tried to install again no go
  6. Should have thought to ask....Are you up to date V7.2.9?
  7. Maybe it is a V8 issue. I have it on Window machines ...XP, 7,and 10 without any issue. Have it on my Mac also no issue. There were things that we use to have to help get a clean download. They were the turn off anti-viral and any download accelerators. Also suggested using something else to unzip download rather than Winzip .Something like a FREE program such as https://www.7-zip.org/download.html.
  8. I have a laptop with Windows 7 installed so I installed The Creator on it and there was no problems. I am not at the desktop with Windows 8.1 where the problems are with The Creator but once I arrive I will try again.
  9. Yes I did delete all but I will try again
  10. Did you delete before re-installing? Do you turn off your anti-virus and any accelerators before downloading? They can damage files.
  11. Hi KD-did, I have been around since 2001 thanks. That is not what I am looking for to rebuild a template, I did a fresh install twice and the same thing is happening no files renaming no moving to another location just trying to open a complete template so that I can modify or add images.
  12. Have you tried renaming the file and then closing??? If you are having the issue in one or more of the template library you might want to re-download that set.
  13. I have come across that when I have moved an element file. or changed its name.Let's try to find the image for you. Post the templates figure here. After placing the found element in a suitable file you should be able to delete the red sign and then locate the image and use it. Or rebuild from scratch and save as a template. As I have been around since June of 2003 I maybe able to help.
  14. Hi, been using Marc software for years and I mean years but I am having an issue with the software if anyone here knows how to fix it please let me know. The image attach explains it all. When I launch the creator no problem but when I open a template or logo I get this error plus at times when I try to save a template it doesn't want to save nor close I have to go to task manager to close the program. Please help
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  16. Not sure. I click the link and get the page with no warning. Usually, not always, there is something on the web page you are trying to go to that Facebook thinks is wrong. There is a Facebook debugger tool web site owners can use to make their web site more Facebook friendly, but as I said, I don't get the message so I don't think there is a problem. It may be something in your settings, or the browser you are using. I am using Opera by the way. No warning. I wonder. I am opening the link in a new tab. Are you? Or is it opening in the same tab? UPDATE: Must be the browser. Opera, no warning. Microsoft Edge and I got the warning. Hmm ....
  17. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    NEW Web Graphics Creator- It's LIVE!

    Why when I click on the link in this post does a "Leaving Facebook" page come up????
  18. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    NEW Web Graphics Creator- It's LIVE!

    I agree! Subscription Services have burned me BAD! 1&1.com lost my entire 13,000 8 section Marketing Newsletter Database and of course I didn't need it until I had a hard drive crash and they apologized and gave me a $150.00 Credit for 3 years worth of research and work! Nope... I'm OFF having anything on the Cloud or Subscriptions... Sorry Kids..
  19. RealWisconsin WebsiteDesign

    NEW Web Graphics Creator- It's LIVE!

    I build websites using Mobirise. I'm not sure if you're familiar with it but they have come out with a series of templates and extensions that support Google's AMP requirements. I'm wondering if inserting anything made with your product will break those AMP requirements?
  20. KD-did

    FREE FREE Elements by KD-did

    red glass images on dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/s/sztr3raplenvc6y/red glass.zip?dl=0
  21. LisaSly

    Laughingbird Videos

    Absolutely! You can share our videos... anything that helps you sell
  22. Here’s Laughingbird’s latest blog article... How to Create a Facebook Business Page that Sells. Check it out here: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/facebook-business-page-create-one-that-sells-product/
  23. Hello I'm an affiliate of Laughingbird products and I was wondering if I can use the Laughingbird Videos on my Youtube channel?
  24. Lance Tindall

    Viral puzzles, where are alll the answers

    Yeah, I think someone mentioned this before, and we never did get an answer. I'm trying and find out . . .
  25. Danielfisher

    Viral puzzles, where are alll the answers

    Cute Lance....LOL
  26. Where are all the answers, there are 25 puzzles and only 17 answers, I know some of them are easy but....
  27. LisaSly

    How to create a Logo with a Transparent Background

    You bet! Feel free to ask more questions... no problem at all. You might also like to join our very active Facebook group where you can ask questions or for feedback on a design, anytime. https://www.facebook.com/groups/laughingbirdsoftware/
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