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  2. I see what is wrong...your v3 set is seeing the EPS files and TC doesn't understand EPS files. You need the .png file to work in TC. Save the EPS files elsewhere you can use them in other graphic applications. Just re-download and make sure to install the .png file if necessary. I also would save the SVG separately.
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  4. OK thanks Searched, not anywhere to be found.....I'll wait for Marc to respond Still waiting...Anyway you senior members here have a direct line to him to ask him to take a look at this
  5. I looked for the file on my machine....I didn't see it where I expected to find it ..so I had to go looking for the black and white mascots....I found them on my machine the file is called "PNG_BW."
  6. Yesterday
  7. OK Thanks Lance for the effort Last night contacted Marc and left a link to this post, so I wouldn't need to re explain the scenario Waiting patiently for a response
  8. Okay. My mistake. I completely misread your first post. You have the Mascots2Go, and you are correct! The Black/White elements are missing! I am sending a message to Marc and the team about this. You should also open a support ticket and ask Marc about this. That will insure that he notifies you as soon as the problem is fixed. I actually had the Mascots from a previous super-mega pack that is no longer available. But I just looked at the new setup, and the B/W graphics are missing. Hopefully we'll get an answer soon. Contact Marc here: https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/contact-us/
  9. Thanks for the help, still not seeing the B/W line art, I see a character that is colored that looks like the example for the B/W line art.....also if you look at my image above and the ".Ds_Store, this was in the file at first and when I dragged theMascots3 PNG folder over it wouldn't work, once I went to document and deleted that .Ds_Store file, the characters finally showed up But as I said, I still don't see the B/W line art I would think along with the character there might be a side folder with the black and white line drawings See pic Thanks
  10. Last week
  11. You have everything! No installer! Here is why. The SVG folder are vector images. Not compatible with The Creator. You must have a utility to work with vector images. EPS are Photoshop images. Not compatible with The Creator. EPS and SVG were simply included to give you more options and added value for your purchase. The PNG folder is what you need for The Creator. That folder should contain PNG and PNG_BW folders. These are your images and the Black/White line art. Simply drag that Mascots3 PNG folder to Documents/Laughingbird Documents/Logo Elements and drop it! Make sure TC7 is not running. Then start TC7 and open a template, or start a new template. Check your Elements drop down menu from the top bar and you should see the Mascots3 folder. Let me know if you need more help!
  12. I do believe after watching the videos, I am missing v3 in the creator....although as the pic shows above that is v3, but just with pictures, not installer which is what I think I need? or do I need to take all those images and install them? soooo confused right now
  13. I have just downloaded Mascots2go there are 3 downloads to do Get into creator and I believe I am missing a lot of characters Monsters/viking/black and white line art and many more I am seeing mascots togo v1 and v2 in the creator On the third download I see this which are just all the characters images, but not an installer Before i continue to babble and confuse myself if not everyone else, I need some guidance please
  14. Lance Tindall

    Image Density

    Hi Fabi, The Creator 7 was made to produce web graphics, not printed products. That said, you can create an image big enough to print well. Many users here have created T-shirts and other products. The image below was created at 2880 x 2880. It is only 762KB at 72 DPI. It will upload to Vistaprint and looks just fine on a T-shirt. Depending on which service you are using for printed products, you may have to adjust the DPI to 300. You can use a number of 3rd party utilities to do that. I use xnView on a PC. It is a free utility. At 300 DPI the image below is 7.2MB in size. Just remember, increasing the DPI does not increase resolution. The only way to do that would be to use a vector image and The Creator does not support vector images. So, make your graphic as large as you can, up to 2880 x 2880 ( max size that TC7 will export ) and try it out.
  15. Hello, I've read the forum and watched tutorial on how to resize the image. However, no matter what I do, images are around few hundred kb. as the result if I want to use this design on a Tshirt then it is like a dot. I think the image should be at least over 7-8 mb to be able to use it for any design purpose. How could I make the filer bigger in density. Thank you. Regards, Fabi
  16. KD-did

    The mannequin collection

    If you have points you need ti trigger the dialog to use your credits.They are not automatically place in your members account.Start by clicking where it says "credit store for Club members.
  17. Mr Laughingbird

    The new "Mannequin Collection" is here!

    Here are a few more examples:
  18. Hi everybody! Dave, Lisa and I have just created a brand new template set for you all: The Mannequin Collection This is a collection of 60 really unique characters and 50 templates to get your creativity working overtime! Come on over and take a look (I've created a walk thru video for you): https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/products/the-mannequin-collection/
  19. Gillette-Grandad

    The mannequin collection

    Is the Mannequin Collection not part of the monthly membership?
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  21. There is a way to make language characters to show in TC, Use Google translate...write and translate to same language . Now just copy and paste into the text box click enter. The text will now appear with all the language characters will appear .https://translate.google.com/?hl=en&tab=TT&authuser=0.=
  22. You're welcome Dean! Glad to hear it
  23. Thanks for your help! Not sure what went wrong, as I was logged in at the time, and could see my other software. ANYWAY all sorted out, thank you much!
  24. No worries Dean! I just looked you up, and for some reason your welcome email with login info was returned. I just resent it to DeanHull@... and it got returned again! So, I just need to directly email you a new password... but I'll need a new email address please Please go to our support center at (this is the best place for us to work this out): https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/contact-us and let us know what email you'd like us to send the password to. Also, please make sure that your deanhull account is active so that you'll be able to get into your account. this may also be part of the problem. We can also change your account to another email. Thank you Dean. We'll get this squared away Lisa
  25. Looks really super!!! Purchased it with Pay Pal. Money gone, no product. Refreshed, signed back into account. Nothing. What are the procedures for refund?
  26. mail@malcolmhathorne.com

    Problems Downloading and Using software

    Thanks. I got some help at the facebook page on this. I downloaded Free Download Manager and it solved it instantly. I had tried like nine times before that. However, I have a lot of other questions. Do you or does anyone regularly use ebook creator to create good ebook covers?
  27. KD-did

    Problems Downloading and Using software

    You are fighting the SLOW internet monster. Many things can affect the speed.I routinely turn off my anti-viral for downloads, I find it does speed up the process;
  28. mail@malcolmhathorne.com

    Problems Downloading and Using software

    Hello. I have been trying to download the software and have run into issues. I have not been able to download the templates I paid $15 extra for. And the ebook software itself is running on a very limited version of itself. I see none of the ebook templates at all. It seems to be still trying to use the free trial I downloaded earlier today and which I deleted. On the templates, I got 68 mb of the 98 promised but it wont comp-lete the download. It just gets stuck. One time it got stuck at 24.9 mb and another time at 14 mb. This has been a real problem. I have spent about six hours all day trying to get this software downloaded... and have not made it happen. Any suggestions?
  29. Alberto Colina


    cantante rapero profesional
  30. Learn how to create cool background designs using easy drag and drop layers. Check it out! https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/background-designs-layered-images/
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