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  4. I do not make the great characters like Glenn and Lance. I make elements. Take a look. Elements by KD.zip
  5. gcuneo2


    "I think it's being addressed now..." That's funny- that's what I was saying two years ago....actually that's sad...
  6. Lance Tindall


    I think it's being addressed now. WGC will export at 5000 x 5000 and the new ( if it's ever released ) TC8 is suppose to be the same. We'll see ...
  7. For over two years now the max export size is only 2880 x 2880- in spite of the advertised export size being 3300 x 3300. This is something that has never been addressed.
  8. Lance Tindall


    Great character for marketing scenes. 10 poses, with a couple of signs! Enjoy! Tammy.zipTammy.zip
  9. Hey! I'm Glenn, Up until Dec 31st I sold image sets on my own website (glenncuneo.com). I shut down the store, and now an "repackaging" many of my image sets to be sold on clipart.com and a couple of other sites. "Large Gary" is an awesome looking parrot by the way! Enjoy! https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljmhg0p0vdq279k/LARGE GARY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/p2sx9jzq6ndgwhr/LARGE LANCE.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ik33zq7xqgjomaa/Large Jerome.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/t7pzleevseuhmh7/LARGE HARRY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/sphkx5qm4zyoiri/LARGE BOBBIE.zip?dl=0 ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/jf0dcv239ujpj0q/LARGE ALBERTt.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/phu2sm3wkn4apto/LARGE LITTLE JENNY.zip?dl=0 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ https://www.dropbox.com/s/ts0ab44jnpchqan/LARGE LITTLE JEROMINA.zip?dl=0
  10. Lance Tindall

    Who can upload free graphics?

    I can't seem to find any way to lock the forum, so, anyone who is a member can post. They should also be able to upload files. I guess I'll just have to monitor and make sure no one goes ape on me! MEMBERS: Please do not post in the FREE GRAPHICS topic. This is where I will giveaway my graphics. I can't seem to lock it, but I will DELETE unwanted stuff. MEMBERS may post graphics and files they want to share in the Members Giveaway topic!
  11. Lance Tindall

    Garden Gnome

    Garden Gnomes! Who doesn't think these little guys are cute? Download and enjoy! Gnome.zip
  12. I have over 23,000 images I've made in the past three years. recently I've been updating many of the image sets- rendering them at three times their original size, and making much smaller sets of 20 or so of these updated images. Can I give them away under the free graphics tab- or would you just prefer to stick with your products?
  13. Lance Tindall

    Bow Ties

    First of many, I hope, free graphics! I recently gave this away on a Facebook page and now I'm making it available here. Just a few simple Bow Ties that you can add to your characters. Download and enjoy! Bowtie.zip
  14. Lance Tindall


    Welcome to the SadDuck Club! Don't be shy. Ask questions and hopefully get answers.
  15. Lance Tindall

    How to size canvas to 480 x 270 pixels

    I think KD-did hit it on the nose! After creating your canvas at the size you want, 480 x 270, you 'Export' the image. That will create the image file you need. When you 'Save As', then that is saving the 'template' files. You should never have to go into a 'template' folder to do anything. Those are files used by The Creator program. After you 'Export' you image, check the size and it should be 480 x 270.
  16. KD-did

    How to size canvas to 480 x 270 pixels

    Lee, sorry the answer to this looks like it may be late...Not absolutely sure where you are holding the cursor over....Forgive me it is BC here (before coffee) .First off there is no reason to save a canvas size...Once sized just make your ad.When you close the program the canvas BTW "saving" saves the template so it can be edited and changed.The canvas resizes when your work canvas is closed.The template will save even the size. Check to see what file format you exported your ad in. Only TC can see or open a .tlc file. Attach the file here if the problem persists.If worse comes to worse you can always use a 3rd party....online/installed resizer.
  17. Leon Davidian, Sr.

    How to size canvas to 480 x 270 pixels

    How to size canvas to 480 x 270 pixels Google wants my logo to be 480 px by 270 px but when I set the canvas to these numbers and save I hold the curser over the image and is completely lower and Google will not accept the image. What am I doing wrong????? Thx, Lee
  18. Dropbox for the template shown above. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fsfp9cj9jik3bd/test cd.zip?dl=0
  19. Nice Lance!!! I've been playing too .... I made one that can have an image or text placed inside the cover.Looks like I'll have to put it in Dropbox.
  20. Lance Tindall

    eCover Creator & Mockup Creator

    Cool, you'll like WGC! I do! Here is another quick template. Keep in mind that once you go to WGC you can import the DVD case images, but not with the placeholders. You'll have to re-create the placeholders in WGC. Reason being, even though we can create templates in WGC, they are stored on line and we can't share them! But, feel free to use my graphics and just import them into WGC. DVD Case Up.zip
  21. Thanks so much, Lance! Just because of my love for Logo Creator for years, the help I've received and the customer service from Marc, I've just ordered the Web Graphics Creator lifetime deal. Once I get everything installed, I'll give your template a try! Looks like exactly what I need!
  22. Lance Tindall

    eCover Creator & Mockup Creator

    Try this out. I can do more if you want. Just let me know. I can do the case, front and back, but not the round disk covers. This includes a front and side template for The Creator 7. Just unzip the file and move the folders into your /Laughingbird Documents/Logo Libraries/My Templates/ DVDcase.zip
  23. Gotcha. So, I could replicate a standard DVD case with some tweaks to something existing? I just noticed the tutorial showed an ebook and a spiral book. I sell DVDs and digital files.
  24. The templates just sort of teach you.how the software works. You can add your own image library to the set and it will show in the drop down menu. I have more that 50 additional image files in my TC. I use a resizer all the time as TC was made more for internet usage and I often need real world sizing. I use the software all the time and rarely open a template.
  25. Thanks, KD. I was hoping for a standard size DVD case. I really want the software, but my use will be limited without that template.
  26. In the desktop model the "3D eCover" edition there was a couple of CD type covers. I do not recall any in the "MockUP'. It amounts to images more than as a template by my view.
  27. I can only assume it does, but thought I'd ask anyway - Does eCover & Mockup Creator include DVD cover templates?
  28. Lance Tindall


    Gremlins! Yikes! Glad you got it though! I'm still gonna hit Lisa up and see if she'll put it on line. I think there are several others on the Facebook Group that say they are getting blanks. We'll see. Thanks for letting us know though.
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