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      In this section, I'll be posting various "30 day Challenges" - you'll get some insight on using the software with some creative tips and tricks.
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      If you've created characters or other graphic elements that can be imported into The Creator software, post them here! :D

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    • The Laughingbird Software affiliate program is live and ready for action! Join the Laughingbird family and make money! All you need is your own Paypal account.
      You can sign up for free! You'll get a custom link to use that you can paste into your eMail campaigns, or put into your blogs or social media posts.
      Every sale that you make gives you a 50% commission. Laughingbird products are priced between $37 and $67. You'll make half that with each sale!
      Sell just 1 product each day and every month, you'll get a deposit into your paypal account for $500 - $1,000! It's easy and free  Sign up here:
    • Hi everybody! Lisa, Dave and I have launched a new Holiday Pack!
      All kinds of cool characters to use in your promotions and Facebook ads - or just to play with  Here's a few graphics created with the new set that I've just posted to the Facebook group

      See more about it all here!
    • Hi everybody. This month, we've decided to start a "30 day" challenge.
      We'll give you a few ideas each day for 30 days. Try one of them when you can. 

      Take a look at this topic area and you'll learn alot about what The Creator7 can do!

      - Marc
    • Great! Thanks for the feedback. I've fixed the problem.
      All should be well now with anybody using credits in the future  (if you were having troubles, log back into your account - https://www.laughingbirdsoftware.com/members and refresh the page. The link should be working now    Marc
    • Marc Have got it now you sorted the link out Thanks for the quick service! Jeff
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