The Logo Creator – FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


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Do older templates (from version 5) load in v6?

No. I’m sorry to say. BUT… if you still have version 5 installed – the old templates still work. I’ve created brand new templates with version 6. They’re MUCH better… The new software (version 6) is a completely new engine… the older (v5) format is no longer compatible. But you can still use your old logos with v5 😀  — and the upgrade to v6 is Free . 

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I’ve installed version 6.0 of The Logo Creator. The installation went fine, but I can’t see any templates or images when I launch the software! What’s up?

For Windows Vista and Win7 users: If you’re not seeing the templates – 

The templates and image elements should have been placed into your “Documents” folder. You may need to look into your “MY Documents” folder instead  (Yes. Windows is really confusing) and move the “Laughingbird Documents” folder into the ‘Documents’ folder.


Windows XP users, if you’re not seeing the templates, — the “Laughingbird Documents” folder should be placed into your “My Documents” folder.  (I have a separate installer for WinXP for this very reason)

It looks like the installer didn’t put the templates into the proper Documents folder.

look into your “Documents and Folders/Documents” folder on your computer. You (hopefully) will find “Laughingbird Documents”

Move this to your MY DOCUMENTS folder.

If you’re on a Mac, you must be running OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or OS 10.7 (Lion) … or greater.


Hi Marc
Ok, moving the file from My Documents to the Documents folder was the solution.
Thank you very much.
Love the new layout and the cool templates.
Keep up the good work!




I have a Mac with version 5 installed. I can not get version 6 to install at all. It goes through the screens and then it says find the older version. I point it to the folder where version 5 is and then it immediately says the following…

“No installation was necessary. The files to be installed are already on your disk, or are not needed for your hardware setup”
So nothing gets installed and I still have version 5 ?!? HELP>>> Is anyone else on a Mac getting issues with this?

Sounds like the installer installed the files the first time, — and upon trying again — the installer sees the files and says you’re all set up!
Open up your “Documents” folder. Look for “Laughingbird Documents” and move them out of the Documents folder. — then try installing again.

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Do you have an update for The Ad Creator – The Design Suite or the Web Graphics Creator?

Big changes are afoot – and everything is getting updated.  … shortly.


Using The Logo Creator v6 – how do I “nudge” an object or text item with the arrows keys?

I’m actually in the middle of creating a video on just this topic  🙂

Here’s a trick in 6:
If you hold the SHIFT key down while you click on an object, you can then use the arrow keys to nudge the image.

If you click on an object without holding the SHIFT key – the software assumes you’re selecting the object and will present you with the controls on the left.
Using the controls, you can tap one of them with your mouse (the Scale control for example) and then use the arrow keys to increment the size one by one.

Try this. Let me know if it makes sense.


I have a small business. How can The Logo Creator Software be useful to me?

Our logo design software is unique and is aimed at providing entrepreneurs, business start-up’s, small businesses, home-based businesses, web masters and others with a way to create multiple, high-quality logos for themselves or their customers; all for the initial low cost of the software.


Can I save each logo I create so that I have time to make a decision on which to use on my site?

Yes! You may create a logo and save it multiple times in various formats and layouts.


How do I know that this is a high quality, effective software program? Where can I view samples of logos created?

There are many ways of verifying the quality and utility of our software. You may view our logo samples page, or visit the Tutorial section of our site. You may also wish to go to, The Logo Creator’s developers. Here you can learn more about the parent company and witness the outstanding quality of work which has been provided for online businesses for over nine years.


How much does the logo software cost? How do I order?

The Logo Creator software can be purchased for $39.00. It can be ordered, using a credit card, and downloaded immediately by clicking on the “Pricing/Download” button on each page.


Can I purchase with a check or money order?

Sorry, because the software is available by download, only credit card payment or PayPal can be accepted. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.


I have no graphic design experience. Will this software be hard to learn?

We’ve designed the software to be easy enough for anyone without graphic design experience to use. It’s almost like having a logo design studio with the features you’ll find in TLC. However, there are several ways of learning about a program feature, including very large support forum You’ll also find our Logo creator tutorials helpful


How do I obtain support, if needed?

After having read through the help site, tutorial, and the FAQ’s, your questions are likely to have been answered. However, if you find that you still have questions on how to use The Logo Creator, tech support will be provided at no cost. You may contact us via email at marc @ or visit the support forum


How do I know which file (jpg, PNG, PNG with transparency) to save my logo designs under?

The answer to this is provided in the software’s help section. To give you the short version: JPG should be used if the logo contains “real images” like people or scenery; GIF should be used if the logo is a flat toned image, like a cartoon. It all has to do with compression. Most of the logos created with The Logo Creator are no more than 40k no matter what format you choose to save it with.


Can I use the logo I create on any website? How about selling a logo I create with your software?

The logo you create from The Logo Creator is yours to keep and do with as you like. You can resell the logos you create or use a created logo for your own personal use. Once you have purchased/downloaded The Logo Creator software, neither Software Laughingbird  nor The Logo Creator will regulate your creations; however, you are expected to follow the Terms of Use you are automatically agreeing to when you download the software (neither Laughingbird Productions or The Logo Creator will be held responsible for any actions taken by you or anyone else in regards to any created graphic.)