The Character Creator 2.0

Updated with better quality graphics! Over 1,000 new elements added!

Let’s agree that having a business mascot would be cool. Still, you’re probably not going to spend hundreds of dollars on a custom design from a graphic artist. After all, you’re better off spending your budget on marketing, right?

Introducing The Character Creator 2.0!

A selection of over 1,000 elements that let you design your own mascot or character. Choose from different body poses, heads, mouths, eyes, hands, hair/hats, and tons more. Have fun and create a character design that represents you or your business.

*Click on the images to see a larger version

Character creation is now a skill everyone can have, even if you’re not a designer.

Plus, all of the character elements have a transparent background, so you can put them over any graphic, advertisement, web page, video, blog post, or even a slide presentation.

Item Features

  • All-in-one character maker!
  • Create customized characters using hundreds of body “parts”
  • Over 100 different bodies with different poses
  • Hundreds of mouths, eyes, heads, hair, hats, glasses, faceless full bodies, Manga characters, monsters, and more
  • BONUS: 20 ready-made templates to play with!
  • Create your character and then import into any Graphics Creator design template
  • Export as transparent PNG and use in videos, slide presentations, advertisements, blogs, web pages, or social media
  • Easy drag and drop character design elements make it a snap to create your custom character


  • Use with The Graphics Creator 8 downloadable software:  It’s loaded with built-in tools, so you can learn fast and get your design project done in no time (comes with The Graphics Creator if this is your first purchase!)
  • Or anywhere online you can place a transparent PNG image
  • Win/Mac compatible
  • Software download

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