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Over 80 Templates you can personalize instantly! Super easy, hassle free CERTIFICATE and COUPON creation graphics!


Create certificates and coupons for all of your offers, sales, awards, and appreciations… fast! No design experience needed.

Or customize them for birthdays, holidays, and memorable moments. With so much room for creativity, you can even write personal messages to create a beautiful certificate for family and friends.

Share on social media, through email and text messages, or download and print the certificates.

How to Use the Certificates

Choose a template that’s classic and traditional… or find a design that’s modern and unique.

There’s no limit to what you can use them for:

Use as certificates of completion, recognition, appreciation, membership, training, achievement, participation, internship, diploma, graduation, employee awards, academic excellence, outstanding student awards, and best in “category”.

PLUS, you can personalize for birthdays, anniversaries, team appreciation, education awards, and congratulations certificates… you name it. Easily import your own photos and images.


Just download your high-resolution certificate design and print an 8 1/2 X 11.

How to Use the Coupons

(example of one of the 40 coupons you can modify in minutes!)

Use these ready-made coupons for any event or creative idea. They’re perfect for free or discount offers, product or service trials, and sales coupons.

And don’t forget to use them for holiday gifts, birthdays, anniversaries, and tender moments…

Item Features

  • Customizable, printable, multipurpose certificates PLUS online coupons for business or personal use
  • Gift certificates, product coupons, certificates of achievement, award certificates… create what you need
  •  40 certificate and award templates
  •  40 coupon templates
  •  100+  elements
  • Import photos, images, and graphics
  • Add your logo and brand design to any of the certificates or coupons
  • Download (Export) and Print
  • Easy drag and drop design elements make your final design a quick project
  • Commercial license to resell your creations included!


  • BONUS: If you’re a first-timer with Laughingbird Software, you’re getting The Graphics Creator Software with your very first purchase!
  • Win/Mac compatible
  • Software and templates are downloadable

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Yes, these templates are specially designed for use with The Graphics Creator software. Think of The Graphics Creator software as the "engine" that makes the templates "run". The software contains the tools that let you modify the templates and create perfect designs for your business at a moment's notice! ***The Graphics Creator 8 software + 40 free templates comes with your very first purchase of any template set***
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Last Update: November 27, 2020
Released: November 24, 2020