Thanks for purchasing the Promobot365


Here's what you'll be able to change in this
White Label version:

Let's get started.

First, download The Promobot White Label Version.

(please note, there is no "installer" for this version of the software. You'll download a ".zip" file and you'll unzip it.)



Windows users: Please note!

Chrome has changed something with their verification service.

You may get a "warning" if you download the Promobot on Windows using Chrome.

Please know that there is no virus in the installer  😀  and that I'm working on the back end to solve this. For now, just hit "continue with install"


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Once you download the Promobot - scroll down a bit to download your bonuses

and the How-To-Customize videos!


I've also provided a link to the NON- White label version of the Promobot for you. Just so you can have a copy for yourself. See below at the very bottom of the page.

  • Marc

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Customize your White Label version

promobotIcon-1The Promobot White Label Version has been created so that you can easily modify and brand it as your own. Follow the quick videos and you'll be up and running in just a few minutes.

If you get stuck, visit the forum here - or ask for help in our support area here.

Customize The Logo

Customize the Facebook URL

Customize Splash Screen

The generic splash page file is located in the Promobot folder inside the "assets" folder.

Right click over the Promobot Icon. Choose "Show Package Contents" > "Contents" > "Resources" > "assets"

Make sure the name of your final image is: "promobotStartupScreen.jpg"


Customize the icon

Customizing the Mac's icon is easy. The video below explain how.

Customizing a WINDOW's icon is unfortunately kind of tricky. You'll first need a free 'resource editor'. It's called "Resource Hacker" by - You can download it HERE

I'm just about done with the video for this. I'll notify you shortly via your account eMail address!

First, let's prepare.

Find, or create your own PNG image (make sure it has a transparent background). You can search Google for "robot icon PNG" or "abstract icon PNG" or, of course, use your own.

The icon should be 512 x 512

• Next, Launch this website and have it handy

• Now watch the video below  🙂


An example of a 512 x 512 icon

Download the "REAL" version of the Promobot below. Keep it for yourself and use it  🙂

Let us know what you think!

  • Incredible!!!
    Looking forward to the sales page. 🙂
    Many Thanks

  • TJ Walker says:

    Hi Marc, I assume you are going to provide a way to wrap all this back up into an installable file.

    • Hey TJ.

      Ah. Yes. excellent point.
      Let me put a list together for you. Making installers isn’t always easy.

      the EASIEST way is to simply zip it up and allow the user to download the zip file.
      you can even password protect the zip file (but you’ll have to give out the passwords).

      This could be an entire video course in itself!

      But let me do some research so I can find the easiest way to have you create an installer


      • TJ Walker says:

        Hi Marc,
        I can probably help you out here. There are still several “free” installer maker programs out there. I used a couple different ones years ago when doing Windows software. Two of them are free for personal use and $50 for a commercial license. One is completely free but pretty simple – however, since the PromoBot is basically just unzipping a bunch of files/folders into a folder with a shortcut to the .exe file – the simple one might work.

        I will install and test. Can you clarify (out of the PromoBot white label .zip) we use – what folders/files need to be included in a “labeled” version to fully function.

        Just for reference: – simple install maker – completely free for all uses. – looks pretty robust – free for personal $50 to license for commercial use. – es-wiz – basically a dead product – but works well.

        • Hey! Fantastic TJ!
          Let me check on some of these. I’m currently using “Actual Installer” ( — it’s about $60.
          I don’t recommend you guys here using the white label spend so much on an installer program unless you’ll be using it for more installing. Plus… they’re all REALLLY confusing 🙂

          But your three links here are great TJ. I’ll check them out too!


          • TJ Walker says:

            Hey Marc,
            You want to ping me on my email address. I don’t want to fill up the comments space with the back and forth. I think I have a very sweet solution for this that almost anyone can follow with a short how to video from you. Definitely install that createinstall free version I mentioned. We can go from there.

          • Hey! Now that really looks promising.
            I’m going to download it and see what the free version has to offer! Great find TJ

      • T says:

        Hi Marc – I THINK I FOUND A SOLUTION. – Download FREE version.
        No restrictions on use. Includes a Quick CreateInstall version (and the more complex version)
        Still playing with it – but impressed so far. Might be easy for you to do an instructional video with the Quick version since only a few setting are used.

        • TJ Walker says:

          Hey Marc,
          Used the Quick version. Works like a charm. It creates a very small .ciq project file with all the settings. Others could install the free version, download the .ciq file (I have one setup) and then make a couple of small changes and compile a new install .exe You could do a quick video or instruction page on the few small changes and even someone who has never used a program compiler can be rocking in a matter of minutes.

  • t says:

    Hi Marc,
    Installed and tested 6 different install maker programs. Looking like the SSE one is the best so far. $50 to license – which is cheap compared to a lot of the others. The older ones just don’t work well under 64-bit OS and Win7 on up. I’ll have to do a custom labeled version and wrap it up and let you test it out.

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