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6 responses to “Download Free Template Set”

  1. Sean Boucher says:

    I have used your software for many years now, Logo Creator 2.0 was the first. I have used for many presentations, websites and just to play around! Top notch software – the highest recommendations possible – great product, reliable and effective for everyone.

  2. Steve says:

    I LOVE Your Logo Creator and all of the Laughing Bird Software that you release! I have noticed that, not that your quality was EVER sub-par, but a couple of your products, including the Logo Creator have most definitely gotten exponentially better within the last year, maybe two…
    It was all good in 2014, but now in 2016, there are NO softwares on market, that can do what your software can do (especially the Logo Creator) on the e ntry level “Freemium” stage. I would so far go as to say that your free level is so good that it is much better than a whole lot of other so-called “logo creator” softwares on some of their lower to mid paid level plans! I even refer to your software as “FREEMIUM” software…it is simply that good!
    Well Done Laughing Bird!!

  3. James Mason says:

    I’ve had your Creator program now for a couple of years…..what I most love about it is the ease I’ve had learning the software itself and using both sets made just for Creator6 & 7 and the ability to import almost any type of image I might want to work with. I’ve tried a lot of different types of graphics programs but don’t need them now……heh…..and with the cost of some software now The Creator 7 is the best deal out there! Plus this group has the best support of any online business out there…..

  4. Christine says:

    the creator program really simplifies a lot of work and the results come out better. Thanks, Marc for never stopping to improve your product.

  5. Robert says:

    Just a questions do or will you release the old set of logo’s from 2.5 and 5.1 that could be used in 7. I . As you grew you have left out the past logos that were great and I would like to use them in your new 7 version. I used the monkey with the thumbs up and the alligator,, etc. Maybe add a set of the old ones as a new purchase. Love your software have been with you since day one.

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