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Thanks for purchasing the PRO version of these awesome marketing characters!


You've got LOTS to download below!  ... but don't worry. Just keep your login details handy and you can come back whenever you wish  😀

Use these characters in your video presentations - create logos with them - Facebook images and whatever else you can think of to spice up your site's look and feel!

Here's a great companion video you might enjoy! You can use your new characters to help market your site and services! Watch this quick tutorial:

Below, you'll find all of your downloads.

Please note - there are THREE buttons for all three character sets.

You'll find one button that will download an installer for you (this will install the characters into The Logo Creator)

The other button, a big yellow button, will download the stand alone graphics. These will be used in your other (non-Logo Creator) projects.


1: First, if you don't already have The Logo Creator downloaded, download it first (The Logo Creator is the 'engine' that allows you to modify and use the characters)

WindowsDownload(226 mb)




Download the Marketing Mascots set 1 PNG images and Installer for The Logo Creator




Download the Marketing Mascots set 2 PNG images and Installer for The Logo Creator




Download the Marketing Mascots set 3 PNG images and Installer for The Logo Creator




  • Wow! You and your brother make such a team!! Fantastic collection!! And I so appreciate the different formats as well! Thank you!
    I am having fun!!

  • Chuck says:

    Volume 3 Installer is not an installer File it is actually M2Go_Volume_3_zip how do I install Vol 3 without the Installer for this Volume

  • Sorry Glen, but that link does not contain an installer. Have you checked it yourself?

  • Joe Sager says:

    I purchased all 3 Mascots sets and after I opened them I placed the folders inside the c:\..\Laughingbird Documents\Logo Elements. The folders show in mu Logo Creator but with no content. What am I doing wrong?

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      All the mascot sets have installer files— if you are talking about the recently offered bundle with all the different image formats: Please use either of the download links that are above, and just to the right and left of the bottom most link— those are the installer versions (those images are in the PNG format).

      If you used the link at the very bottom of your download area for the bundle those are individual file formats: only the PNG formatted images work with the Logo Creator.

      If you have put any other folders other than the PNG folders into your logo elements directory please remove them.

  • Joe says:

    It’s amazing to watch you explain how things work. Great video.

  • Hi Marc and Dave
    I just have to say. This whole enterprise of yours meets and exceeds expectations. I super appreciate great graphics but before logo creator it was very tough to sort though finding a good designer and then not paying through the nose. I loveeeeeeeeee the logo creator. I can do nothing in photoshop except stare at the screen and wonder what to do next. This thing is awesomely easy to use!!!!

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