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100 responses to “Contact Me”

  1. Bonnie Christian says:

    Hi Marc!

    I need some advice. My hard drive is shot on my old computer. What is the best way to get the LogoCreator 6 and all my accessory packages working again on my new computer? Thanks for your help…


  2. Rajanesh Swamy says:

    When i create a picture and save it in logo creator there is a frame around the picture. how do i get rid of these. Pictures are from the mascot library.
    Thank you in advance

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      You need to make sure whatever original picture you use, itself, does not contain a frame. There are no frames around any image, in any set.

  3. Bryan Kruse says:

    hi how are you? I bought the “small business & marketing advantage premium suite” and it came wit the logo creator. I just did a software update for the logo creator and there are no built in images to use when creating a logo. and before I upgraded whenever I tried to save or export a logo I made and then use it in the business card creator it just gives me errors. can you please give me some advice on what to do? I really like the programs I find they are so user-friendly and ideal for me.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      I’m sorry you are having difficultly with that bundled product. All the versions of the Laughingbird Software included in that product have not been sold/supported in quite sometime. The templates included in those trialversions of the software are no longer compatible with any Laughingbird Software product being offered today. They also are not full versions of the software.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      That software came with older versions, older trial versions. You would need to purchase the full retail version.

  4. Russ Bertloq says:

    Can and and if so,how do I purchase multiple licenses for Logo Maker.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      The ELUA with the software allows installation on 2 computers, typically a laptop and a desktop. If you want to purchase the software for 10 computers, you will need to purchase 5 sets of the software, and 5 sets of any add ons you choose.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      The EULA with any Laughingbird product allows for installation on two computers. Using that guidance you would have to repurchase everything for every two computers you plan on installing the software on.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      I’m just reviewing some of the older comments right now: The EULA with the software allows installation on 2 computers, for every two computers: you need to make an addition purchase: A multiple license option is not available.

  5. Dexter Evans says:

    Dear Laughing Bird,

    I downloaded the Logo Creator and Business Card Creator only to find that the install app for the Logo Creator doesn’t work. There appears to be an incorrect file path and the app shows up as unsafe.

    Could you advise me on this?

    Thank you

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      You may have to turn off your anti-virus software during the installation (Many antivirus programs often provide false positives) or your heuristics setting may be set a bit high….

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      That can be a pretty common error attributed to a couple of items: Your browser and your antivirus software. I assure you our links that are used are 100% safe. I sometimes advise customer to simply turn off their antivirus software during the download / installation. Quite often the heuristics (algorithms that make “best guesses” as to what is safe) can be be somewhat restrictive depending upon which settings you choose. You may also consider trying the download itself using a different browser.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      Issues such as this are typically cleared up by turning off your anti virus software during the installation process. Than “unsafe” message happens with Norton Anti-virus quite a bit-

  6. David B Loveman says:

    Marc just purchased you 3D character set – thought it was something new, but found out I have already had it for awhile. Don’t really need a refund, checked I don’t have your animated package – can we make some kind of a switch?

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      You betcha we can make a switch!

      Please submit a support request, be sure to tell me what OS you have. With the new member area, I just add the product to your member area, and you will get an automatic email with login and password info if you do not have one all ready. if you do not have a login yet, be sure to mention this post, and please provide a solid email address!

  7. John Halls says:

    Hi Marc.

    I have always loved the little bubble characters, which I already have via the Presenter Media website. My suggestion that I think your other customers would love, is for you to supply sets of eyes and mouths that could be added to your 3D bubble characters, which would bring them to life and give them character and more appeal.

    I hope all is well with you and yours.

    John in Adelaide, Australia

  8. jeff davis says:

    I purchased logocreator 6.6 and a ton of your addon packages. I was looking at your site “How to make money online…” and found out I dont have a login. and when I click on the left column bar pulldown menu in Logocreator, I dont get a save to file option. please help. purchases were in 2013 and 2014 (4/27/14 via

  9. carrie says:

    I just purchased the logo creator with the character maker I cannot extract the files from the zipped folders for the characters, it weither tells me to send it to a compressed zip folder or that it is invalid?

    • admin says:

      Hi Carrie.

      Do you have any unzipping software on your computer?
      Most times, you can right-click over the .zip file and choose “extract all” … if this doesn’t work (you may have a really old computer) try downloading

      Let me know if that helps!

  10. David Ellingham says:

    I have forgotten how to export To Pages a logo I have created with Logo Creator.

    I’ve tried ‘drag and drop’ I’ve exported to Desktop, but whichever approach I’ve tried, the result is always nothing other than the file name!

    What steps do I need to take to Export to Pages or any other DTP package?



    • admin says:

      Hi Dave.

      Use the FILE > Export menu option 🙂
      This will show you ‘export as png’ or ‘export as jpeg’ — try that. You can then import the png or jpg into Pages.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      From the FILE menu in the Logo Creator please choose EXPORT then choose JPG or PNG format. I’ve actually created a folder on my desktop I use just for exporting finished logos.

  11. Samantha says:

    Hello, My husband purchased the biztools pro and it came with all the add-ons however on the business card creator it wont allow me to upload an image, at all it just keeps saying error. Hopefully you could help me with this!

    • admin says:

      Hi there Samantha.

      … hop into my support portal and leave a ‘ticket’ question.

      Tell Glenn (my awesome support guy) that Marc said to set you up with the latest version of The Business Card Creator 🙂

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      An issue with the biztools pro bundle is that is has been out for over 5 years, and the bundled laughingbird software that came with it is no longer compatible with the current Laughingbird family of software. The versions of the Laughingbird Software that was bundled with it has not been sold, or officially supported, in a number of years.

  12. arnaldo says:

    necesito el numero de telefono de usted por favor

  13. Phil says:

    Hi there,

    I purchased the character creator… I downloaded the zip file but receive an error message when trying to unzip… Can you please fix.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      That often happens as a result of unzipping tool you are using, quite often while using the built in unzipping tool that comes with Windows– not so much with Windows 8.1, but more often with Windows 7.0. You may consider downloading a different (free) unzipping utility (7-zip works well) as does Winzip.

  14. I Purchased the Logo creator but never received download instructions or Links.

  15. Frank says:

    Hello Marc,
    Since a short time I have a problem after starting TLC that I can’t find the beginning with the logo templates anymore my TLC starts with the latest announcements( see Picture) but I can’t find my logos at all . I see all the extras I bought but the standard logos are gone . What to do to get them back so at the start of TLC I see them.
    Hope you can Help.I did sent several messages by mail but no answer.

    Greetings Frank

  16. Ali says:

    I just purchased and downloaded the Logo program today. I am having extreme difficulty using it and have realized it is a bit complicated for me. I already uninstalled in from my computer and would like to request a refund.

    Thank you.

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      I am sorry to hear that it did not meet your expectations. Was there something in particular you found difficult?

      I have reviewed your pruchase information, however, this is not really a good forum for submitting refund requests. We sometimes have to ask about different email addresses and similar confidential information.

      In order to process your request please submit a support request.

  17. Dave says:

    Hi There,

    I purchased your cartoon character pak a couple of days ago, when I open the installer the window (the character creator)
    comes up I drag the cartoon creator pak icon to the logo elements alias icon as per instructions and I get a message stating
    the alias Logo Elements alias cant be opened because the original item cant be found.

    I have also read the read me pdf I have version 6.8 of the logo creator so the upgrade on the pdf is no good as only 6.6 version
    Could you please advise me as what I need to do to load my purchase into the logo creator software so I you use them. If you could
    get back to me asap that would be most helpful thank you in advance for your time in fixing this problem cheers

    Kind Regards


    • admin says:

      Hi there Dave.

      i’m going to eMail you.
      Your installer method is way outdated 🙂

      When and where did you purchase from? My site?
      i’ll have to fix this if this is the case.


  18. Dave says:

    Hi Marc I purchased it on the 22 of March and from your site too

  19. Dave says:

    The Logo Creator i on off the apps store if that helps marc

  20. Loyd says:

    I have emailed you three and have received no reply
    Please reply with a solution

    Loyd Howerton
    Mar 9

    to Marc
    Logo Creator 8.6.0

    When I select a Logo. it will sometimes bring up a different Logo
    New Logo Inc comes up as NewComp Corporation
    How do I fix this?

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      Search for all copies of the “THUMBS.DB” file in your Laughingbird documents folder, and delete it. It’s an automatically created file by windows (I’m assuming you have windows) that helps display thumbnails. I had a similar issue, I deleted the thumbs.db file and the problem cleared right up.

      For questions like this the best way to get help is with a support request:

  21. tony says:

    i cant doneload !
    i cant not login!
    butt a ca login in my Place!!
    howe shorde a do???
    Med vänlig hälsning

  22. Steve Robichaud says:

    Hi Marc,

    I have purchased your logo creator and I am very happy with it. I will be buying a new laptop soon and I’d like to load the program on my new laptop. How can I go about doing this?



    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      With the new member area, you simply log in, and redownload your purchase onto your new computer!

      In your case: Send me a support request, with a full copy of your receipt, and I will manually set you up in the new member area.

      In the future: all your Laughingbird products will be downloaded from your member area. New purchases are automatically posted to your download area.


  23. Eduardo says:

    hi, want to buy the business card creator. I own the logo creator already so i just want to buy the business card creator how can I do? because the price is for both of the and i already have the logo creator can you just sell me one? or can you add instead of the logo creator, the character creator so I can pay the 37 for both? thanks

    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      Sorry, be we cannot adjust prices, or make individualized bundles just for one individual. Right now the Business Card Creator is bundled with The Logo Creator. You want the Business Card Creator add on, you gotta pay the advertised price of the bundled deal.

  24. Brittany Beck says:

    Hello, I submitted an email to the email address given when I purchased the logo creator and business card combo pack and haven’t heard back yet. I closed out of my program when I left the office on Wednesday and went in to open the program today and none of the templates are there and the saved artwork that I created Wednesday is gone also. Can someone please help?

  25. Mark says:

    Marc, your Brother is a great Cartoonist… love what he’s done with some of the characters… might I make a suggestion though, you should consider making some of these characters, FB compatible, so that you might gain a wider audience. Really appreciate that you made these with transparent backgrounds. Keep up the great work on all of your products! – Mark (

  26. Paul Soden says:

    Hi Glenn,

    I recently upgraded my mac to Yosemite and installed the latest version of the logo creator. Unfortunately after a couple of weeks the iMac early 2008 crashed and I had to install 10.6.8. The version of logo creator doesn’t not work this. Can you send me a new link to a legacy version that will work with OS 10.6.8 please?

    Thank you
    Paul Soden

  27. Do I need to purchase Logo Creator in order to use the YouTube channel art maker?

  28. Harold Nusbaum says:


    I had an unfortunate accident which culminated in the loss of all my data (…and APPS) on my hard drive! I lost all of my Logo Creator purchases and associated files as well. They were all purchased through my registered email address with the Logo Creator . How can I get a list of re-download links to reinstall them?



  29. Connor Sweeney says:


    I have wiped my mac and need to reload the software – unfortunately, I don’t think I registered at the time and I can’t access the reload section.

    I was getting emails from you about additional programmes etc, so I know you have my contact information, but I can’t log on. Help!


    • Glenn Cuneo says:

      You will need to send in a support request:

      Quite often when a customer provides just an order ID number we have no way of determining what exact products were ordered. A full copy of the receipt is requested to ensure the customer receives exactly what they paid for.

      We understand that you may have a receipt for a product which is no longer supported, or compatible with the current version of the software– we will work with you on a case by case basis to take care of your needs.

      WHAT IS NOT AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD IN THE NEW MEMBER AREA: Anything which is not currently available for sale on the website. “The Flash Ad Creator” “The Corporate Identity Creator” and any version of The Logo Creator prior to version 6.8 are examples of things you will not be able to have added to your member download area.

  30. Charity Fava says:

    Do you have any promotions or trial periods going on? I’d like to see what the software is like before I purchase.

    Thank You

  31. Ana says:


    I have question.

    My I use this program for making comic?

  32. ronald haynes says:

    hey Marc i need to reinstall my software on my new pc but its telling me it cant find my email in the syatem please help i have two emails and tried them both its or i think i used the last email

  33. Adrian says:

    Hi Marc,
    Just purchase your software and still download the add on. I’m new and don’t know anything about it. Please tell me or send me how to start use the software. On my laptop its not works. So, when i want to create something like logo its not show where the template. All is blank. But when i see your video tutorial, all is there. Please advise me. Then any question, i have download the business card add on and have install to the laptop, but when i want to run it, its connect to internet explorer and not show on my laptop, so is that must connect with internet to run it? why i can’t find it on my computer? Is that same with all add on that i still download it?
    Sorry too many questions, but just want clear it and i want to get what i purchased from you.
    Thank you


    • admin says:

      Hello Adrian! Nice to hear from you.
      hmmmm… I’m a little confused.

      You mention you have it on your laptop – but “can’t find it on my computer”
      So, you have two computers?

      Once you install the software, you don’t actually need an internet connection. All of the templates should be there!
      After you installed the software, did you get any error messages?

  34. John says:

    I have enjoyed this product for years on PC and iPad, just installed it on my Mac Book Pro. However on my Macbook with TLC version 6.8 none of the drag and drop functions work?!? I can not move any elements nor can I drag shapes from the tool bar into a preformatted design. I can change text and delete elements, but can not move text, images or shape around on the workspace…Thanks for you help!

    • Hi there John.
      Nice to hear from you.

      I’ve replied directly to your eMail in case you don’t see this.
      For anybody else reading this, the best thing to do is to try this:

      Look into your Documents folder and look for “Laughingbird Documents” … rename this folder. rename it to anything you wish; “Old Laughingbird Documents” for example.
      Then, re-install the software (you can redownload it at

      See if that does the trick!

  35. I have been trying your free version for the last few days and enjoy the program. For some reason today I cannot move objects and images with my mouse. I can move them with the keypad but not the mouse. Have I tripped a setting without knowing it?

    • Hi there Greg.
      Have you perhaps imported a graphics that may be too big? There have been reports this may be the case (that the software may lock up if the graphic is HUGE)

      Let me know.
      We’ll fix this 🙂

  36. Tom Mabe says:

    Is there a link for me that takes my fans and followers right to the YouTube banner and thumbnail creator? I thought it was like $27 … My following would love that!

  37. Elliot Spratt says:

    Hi. I have the YouTube creator and just bought the alphabet set to go with it but after installing I only seem to have the logo creator. I can’t find the alphabet set anywhere. Has there been a mix-up of some sorts or am I missing something?

    • Hi Elliot.
      This new version should be able to see all the sets you have on your computer – Youtube and the Alphabet set in your case.

      Are you sure you’re clicking on the icon with the big yellow “7” ?
      Let me know…

  38. Barry says:


    Love your stuff…but what happened to the noses?

    What if one on my characters has to blow their nose. Or smell what’s cooking on the barbie? They can’t because they don’t have a nose.

    All kidding aside, why aren’t there any noses in the Character Creator series? I create a character then export it to the desktop, then have to go into one of my other design programs, import the character and then draw the nose. I understand that some of the creations look funny without a nose, but that should be our choice. Is there a reason the noses are among the missing?

    Congrats on version 7…looks good!


  39. Dennis says:

    The EULA is clear that we can sell the images we make as long as we combine at least 2 elements into a new image. What isn’t clear to me is whether or not the “people images” can be used this way. Can the people be used in images we sell to others if they are combined with at least one other element?

    • Hi there Dennis.
      Yes, everything is licensed securely. SO if you happen to make banners or sell blog graphics with the People images… you’re good to go. (you just can’t resell the full folder full of people as they are).

      Hope that’s clear 🙂

  40. Brian says:

    Hi Marc!

    Couple quick questions.

    1) If I purchase Your software and install it on my computer and then change computers can I install it again at no cost?
    2) Can I use the software to make Display ads for my websites?
    3) I see you have a tool to shrink or increase the size of things you create, how would I adjust my creation to fit a needed pixel size?

    Thanks Brian

    • Hi there Brian.
      Nice to hear from you.

      Here, let me tackle your questions in order:

      1) Yes. You’ll have a member’s area to log into. You can login and download on your new computer to access your software
      2) Of course. Yes 😀 Lots of ‘ad-like’ templates to get you started.
      3) The canvas can be set to any size from 0 x 0 to 2880 x 2880 … you simply drag the canvas to the size you want and create inside this space.

      Hope this helps!

  41. John says:


    Is the Alphabet Edition compatible with the Apple App Store Logo 7 version? My earlier version had some issues when I went to Logo 7. I had a mixture of Logo Creator packages downloaded from you and the App Store Version. Once I upgraded to Logo 7 it straightened itself out. Will the Alphabet Edition confuse the issue again.

    John / Odie

    • Hi there Odie!

      The Alphabet pack is 100% compatible… just like every other set.
      The Mac App store version did have an issue that was fixed in the update to version 7. So you’re all good to go now.

  42. Daniel Hebard says:

    Hi Marc,

    Is there a way to create custom photo frames that work within Creator 7? I want to be able to add the frame and then add the picture to it with the same functionality as those that are built into the packs.


    • Hi there Dan.
      Nice to hear from you.

      Yes, you can – sort of – do this now.

      Find a photoframe you like and remove the center (leaving just the frame). Make sure this is a PNG image and then import this into The Creator (use the File > Import menu option).
      Now import your photo and choose ‘send to back’ to put the photo behind the frame. You may have to play with this a bit.

      Now you can add text and backgrounds or whatever you’d like to make your complete photo.

      This is a great idea for a video tutorial 🙂


  43. riduan says:

    Hi Admin
    is the coupon code area problem coz try to apply the 10$ discount but it take to error page.

    • Hi. Yes, there seems to be a problem with using the discount code for just The Creator (the code works fine when any other product/s are put in the cart). We’re working on fixing the problem but I have found a way to do it for now. Try adding The Creator and then one other product (like the Youtube Creator). Then add the discount code. Once applied, you can remove the other product from your cart and the code will still be applied to The Creator.

      Sorry, kind of a crazy work-around :). Thanks everyone for your patience!

  44. kendrea wilson says:

    hi, I am trying to log in to my account but I can’t get in. I have not used it in a while but I need it now, and I can’t get in.

  45. Bob Agostini says:

    Hi I purchased the YouTube software but dont see where I can download it. The web page it took me to only has downloads for the logo creator and the 4 pak software that I bought a couple of weekss ago…

  46. Manuel Martinez says:

    Hello Marc,

    Hope all is going well! I am enjoying your software very much and appreciate what you do for all of us by making life a little easier!

    About a week ago (Not sure if it’s been a week??) I submitted for approval through JVZoo to be able to be an affiliate. I have not heard back yet and am wondering if you still have that program going on any more.

    Thanks so much Marc!

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