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The eBook Cover Creator


ebook and box cover makereBook Cover Creator $27

Start off creating your eBook Covers by creating your graphics with the built in ebook and software box templates!

Then, “Map” them to 3D boxes, magazines, fat and thin ebooks and product boxshots! These High Quality graphics will make you look like a graphics guru in minutes! 

Download The eCover Creator today!


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Create your own custom template

Hi everybody!
In today’s tutorial video, I’ll show you how to use The Logo Creator to create your own custom templates and I’ll show you how to use them so that they won’t get altered after you edit it.

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Putting Images Into Text

Hi Creatorpreneurs 

Here’s a cool technique I wanted to share with you while using The Logo Creator software

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Use The Creator7 by Laughingbird Software to create INSTANT watermark graphics

Hi everybody! 😀
I haven’t done a video tutorial in awhile so I thought I’d do one today for you.

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Using Photos With The Logo Creator

Todays Laughingbird Software’s “Tutorial Tuesday” teaches you the power of using your own photos with The Logo Creator.

Watch this tutorial video and learn how to create your own Facebook Meme, how to create really cool Youtube overlay images, and what you can do with the built in GRID feature in The Logo Creator!

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How To Create An eBook Cover

Hi Everybody!
It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a “Tutorial Tuesday” video.  😀

Thought it was about time.

In today’s tutorial, I’m going to show you how I personally work with The Creator in real time. And in just under 11 minutes …I’m going to re-create a comic book cover I found while browsing online.

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