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Welcome to The Laughingbird Affiliate Tools page

We're using JVZoo for our affiliate program.

If you haven't yet signed up for a FREE Jvzoo account,
do so here ... Then, just follow the steps below and you'll be reselling the software in no time!

Are you on ClickBank? We have a Clickbank Tools page HERE


First, visit my Affiliate Request page and request permission to sell the software
(click here to do this if you haven't yet received permission)


Log into your JVzoo account (click here to open a new browser window and get “Your Affiliate ID”)

Click on the image to see it larger

Enter your ID into the red box below.

Then copy the HTML code you'll find under each graphic
...and paste it into your sites!

When a user clicks the banner - and purchases The Logo Creator - you'll get 50% of the sale sent to your Paypal account.

Fill out your affiliate ID below and click the "Set ID" button to complete your affiliate links.

Your main JVzoo affiliate ID

Build Your Own Character (Part of The Logo Creator)

Banner for The Character Creator 160x350

Business Card Maker (Part of The Logo Creator)

Banner 500x500

Business Card Maker (Part of The Logo Creator)

Banner 500x500

Character Creator (part of The Logo Creator)

Banner 250x250

Halfpage Ad

Halfpage ad 160x600

Leaderboard Banner Black

Banner 728x90

Leaderboard Banner Purple

Banner 728x90

Logo Creator Box Shot

Box shot 350px

Make Money

Banner 125x125

Make Money Orange

Banner 125x125

No Skill Required 2

Banner 120x400

No Skill Required Black

Banner 120x400

Perfect Business Cards (Part of The Logo Creator)

Banner 250x250 (the Business Card Creator is part of The Logo Creator package)

Red Square 300x250

Banner 300x250

Right Now Black Square 250x250

Banner 250x250

Right Now Purple Square 250x250

Banner 250x250

Primary JVzoo Link

Struggling with Graphics?

Watch this video...

Need More Clicks?

Didy you know you could increase sales by LOOKING better? If you have professional graphics on your site, you'll look like a million bucks - and so will your products or services.

Create custom graphics here:

Create your OWN Graphics

The Logo Creator Design Software from Marc Sylvester on Vimeo.

Make your own custom graphics in minutes here:

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