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We just love being a small business and creating new ideas! We also know firsthand how hard it can be with limited time, money and resources.

So, we created design software that’s easy-to-use for everyone, even without any design experience or training. No messing with complicated design tools or spending tons of cash hiring a designer.

We want to give you the best graphics and marketing tools to help you run a successful online business.  From our Social Media design templates, eCovers, and a variety of graphics, to our Animated Presentation Creator, photo backgrounds and professionally-designed characters, you’ll get what you need, fast and easy.

Share ideas or get your questions answered through Laughingbird's Forum and private Facebook group, step-by-step videos, and blog, not to mention our software support link.

Laughingbird Software has been creating helpful software since 2001 and our goal is still the same:  To help your small business look professional, be successful, and save a ton of time and money!

Download the trial version of The Creator Software today! 25 FREE templates included!

Marc and Lisa SylvesterWay back in 2001, Marc Sylvester created the very first logo design software, The Logo Creator. He and his business partner (and wife!), Lisa, have spent the years since updating and developing new software out of their home while raising 3 kids and attempting to keep it all together!

Although it hasn’t always been easy, they’ve enjoyed the flexibility and control they’ve had over their lives and wouldn’t trade it, even for one night of blissful sleep without graphics dancing in their heads.

Along with their passion for easy design tools and new ideas, comes a desire to give other small business owners the design and marketing tools they need to run a successful online business, easily and inexpensively.





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