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Studies show that using quality graphics on your website can significantly increase your sales!

YOU now have the power, flexibility and speed to create your own graphics ... in your own time and at your own pace.


You'll instantly have the quality graphics you need for your website and visitors will be more likely to stick around!

BEST VALUE! - all 300 templates just $47

Previously called "The Logo Creator" ... we've updated the software to include SO much more!

Get all 300 template and graphics sets (listed below) for one low price! The Creator7 bundle is a collection of logo templates, business card templates (have professional cards sent right to your door!) PLUS - you'll get a character creator and over 100 "real people" images to use in your designs (all with transparent backgrounds!)

This bundle includes ALL of these 4 template packages

The Logo Creator

The Logo Creator Set

120 logo design templates that are super easy to modify - $37

The Business Card Creator

The Business Card Creator

Create your own business cards! - $37

The People Pak Collection Set #1

The People Pak Collection #1

Over 100 'real people' images with transparent backgrounds! - $37

The Character Creator Software

The Character Creator

Create your marketing characters! - $37

Create your own graphics for social media, websites, blogs and marketing. Save time and money by doing it yourself. No graphic design experience needed!

Graphics are an extremely important part of your sales and marketing efforts!

Without professional looking images, your pages, banners and products
just won't stand out from the crowd.

And to get top quality blog or logo graphics, you'll probably spend at least $500 hiring a pro to do just a FEW images for you!

The fact is, getting all the high QUALITY designs you need from someone else is just plain hard and expensive!


So start designing your own incredible graphics, logos and social media images today. With Laughingbird's Graphics Software, you'll get exactly what you need, when you need it!

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