5 Internet Marketing Tips You Can Implement Today

Today, I’m going to go through 5 really easy marketing tips you can implement today. Each of the following ideas is based on effective ( but often overlooked ) marketing tactics.

How many are you using? … more importantly: How many have you overlooked?

Tip #1: Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

Insulate yourself against the impact of change by ?increasing the number of products and services you offer ?…and by using a variety of different marketing methods. ?Only a small portion of your total business will be ?affected if the sales of one product declines or the ?response to one marketing method drops.

Marketing Tip #2: Stay in contact!

Stay in contact. Customers are prospects too. Stay in contact with them. Facebook is amazing for this. Start a Facebook group. ?Find or develop other products or services you can offer ?them. Remember: It’s easier to make a sale to a previous customer ?than to someone who never bought from you.

Tip #3: Don’t be “that internet marketer”

Don’t make claims that sounds too good to be true …even if ?it is true. A bold claim creates doubt in your prospect’s ?mind and jeopardizes the sale. Reduce any bold claims to a ?more believable level.

Marketing Tip #4: Don’t be exact.

When touting fractions or ?decimals, don’t be exact. Silly maybe – but if you say “over 60% of my users love me! It sounds to unbelivable. This: “Our clients save 17.7 percent” ?sounds more believable than “Our clients save 20 percent” ?…even if 20 percent is the accurate number. It’s a psychological thing šŸ˜€

Tip #5: Create an absolutely irresistible offer

combine a ?special discount price and a set of valuable bonuses in the ?same offer.



These 5 easy ideas can be implemented easily.
They’re simple but ?highly effective marketing tactics. You’ll be surprised by how much ?business it produces for you.


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