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Discussion in 'Websites reviewed' started by sharontodd, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. sharontodd

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    I would greatly appreciate opinions on my first web site. We show Yorkies and will be doing another web site for the chihuahua's that we show, so input would be great. I would especially like any thoughts on how I could improve as far as SEO. I used alot of pictures of our yorkies, I hope not too many? Thank you so much in advance !!!

  2. laughingbird

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    Hi Sharon.
    Thanks for the look!

    Nice use of The Logo Creator on the site.
    Like your logo.

    I think the pictures should be a little more organized.
    Currently, on my monitor, I need to scroll left to right (which is technically a no-no on the net).

    I would do a little research (ie Google) on how to create tables in HTML.
    This should help you greatly.

    Other than that, I was showing my daughter your logo and she LOVED your puppies. Lol.
  3. Nickydude MadLad Designs

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    Definitely needs more organization. Reducing the images to all the same, smaller size and displaying them in a column would help. Also try placing the menu underneath the heading on the left and center both. :)

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  4. 2shakes

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    Hey Sharon

    Definitely needs more organization. Logo is awsome! Think the color might need some work to match and or blend with pics and logo. I think your on the right track. Good Job:image28:
  5. Chris_Houg

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    It needs some Jack Russell pictures... :image10-2:

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