TLC 3.0.2 bug fix

Discussion in 'Questions or troubles updating' started by bluejade, Jun 20, 2003.

  1. bluejade

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    How to get it:
    -From the "Window" menu, select the second to last option, "Check Internet for Updates"

    Issues addressed:
    -interface now properly updates when duplicating a logo element or when opening a saved logo

    -character spacing on non-rotated text is improved for spacing settings above 1.0

    -drop shadow slider is now finer granularity. if you want a shadow farther away than is permitted by the slider, do the following:
    i. duplicate the logo element
    ii. apply a shadow
    iii. move the shadow so it is directly behind the text (this will allow you to drag the element by clicking the shadow)
    iv. reduce the opacity of the element (not the shadow) to zero
    v. drag the shadow to where you want it

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