The New eCover Creator - Is ONLINE!

Discussion in 'Announcements!' started by laughingbird, Jul 21, 2005.

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    New Software! The eCover Creator!

    The new eCover Creator is ... FINALLY ... DONE! :panic:

    This has been a labor of love sweat and tears for me.
    I'm very proud of it and hope you like it.

    You can get all of the information from the official website:

    Thanks again for all of your patience with this new app!
    Ha - I want to thank 90% of you anyway. The other 10% of you who threw rocks at my cave because the software wasn't out on June 14th as promised ... I still love you. And I hope this new software was worth the wait!

    Any feedback would be welcome!
    I'll post it all on the new testimonials pages!

    - Marc

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