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Discussion in 'Meet the Mods' started by KD-did, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. KD-did

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    I am known as Katie. I became the KD-did because I am usually one to make things happen, unknown and behind the scenes.
    I am the old kid on the block here in more ways than one. I am OLD and 1/2 :image09:

    I live on the Oregon coast in a very small town of 6000. A traffic jam here is usually a herd of elk standing in the middle of Highway 101.

    I have been an addict of TLC since V2. TLC opened the door to the world of computer graphics for me.
  2. laughingbird

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    TLC opened the world of graphics for you ... I think this forum opened up the world of finger bandages!! :D

    With over 5,000 posts and counting - KD is THE #1 most posted member in the Laughingbird forum.

    We salute you KD-Did


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