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Discussion in 'Announcements!' started by laughingbird, Aug 6, 2004.

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    Hi all!
    I've just uploaded a new version of The Logo Creator.

    I've enhanced the interface greatly. It's now much more user friendly.
    AND, there's a new tutorial movie on how to use The Logo Creator built into the software now.

    If you were previously having troubles with exporting a Gif, download the new v3.6 - I've fixed it. (and by the way, I've discovered the reason for the "Blank Gif" some of you may have experienced! It's a monitor setting! If you set your monitor to 1000s of colors, the Gif works great! Settings of a million colors or more (32bit) created a blank Gif!

    However, v3.6 fixes this.

    If you already own The Logo Creator, you can download and install from the above! This will act as an updater.

    If you're currently using The demo version, give this new 3.6 a try.

    Hope to hear from you soon! I love feedback :)

    ... and those of you waiting on the eBook and Box Cover Creator ... this new update was BECAUSE of the new software. I needed to make some changes to the engine. They're done and the new software is on its way!

    Hang in there just a little longer! :)

    - Marc

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