Logo Creator seems to think it is trial version!

Discussion in 'Questions or troubles updating' started by Rocko, Apr 6, 2009.

  1. Rocko

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    I purchased several of your products:
    1 The Web Graphics Creator
    2 The Logo Creator v5 - Corporate Edition

    I had upgraded the Logo Creator v5 to 5.1 via your website upgrade download.

    1) Whenever I open the logo creator it and I try to open the initial splash screen that pops up still shows v5. However once the software opens up and I click on "about The LogoCreator" the splash screen that pops up displays version 5.1. Is that the way it should be?

    The reason I ask is that my main problem is that after I click on trial logos:
    The screen displays a message that says the trial version comes with 7 free trial logos unlock the trial version and get an additional 40 logos. Does that mean I need to unlock the software? I did unlock it when I first purchased it about 1 1/2 years ago. I do have my unlock codes but do not know where and how to re unlock it. Any assistance appreciated....

  2. laughingbird

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    Hi Rocko.
    Thanks for posting.

    Not quite sure I'm following you however.

    I have two different ways to download The Logo Creator.
    The trial version - which contains 7 free logos with the ability to unlock 40 additional logos. With the Trial version, you pay from within the software.

    The other way is to download one of the logo editions here:

    If you have the trial version, and then happen to purchase another logo edition - the new edition will (should) over write the trial ... but it'll KEEP the trial logos if you had already unlocked them.

    Make sense?

    if you're being asked for the unlock key, let me know where it's asking you so I can figure out if you have the trial, or another logo edition.


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