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    Hi there Forum lurker!
    ... Happy Friday to you

    I wanted to write and update you on the happenings at Laughingbird Software.

    I've gotten a lot of letters lately about the following three topics so I wanted to write and let you know what's going on behind the scenes...

    The Logo Creator version 6 upgrade

    Lion Update for Mac - and Windows UpdateOver the past month, I've gotten hit pretty hard from fellow Mac users asking about the Lion update. (for you Windows users, 'Lion' is Apple's new Operating System).

    ( Speaking of Apple, The passing of Steve Jobs was so incredibly sad. He really did change the world. I've been a huge Mac user -- and an Apple commercial to my friends and family - since 1989 )

    I've hired a programmer to work on the update for Lion. He's just about finished. It was a huge undertaking as it involved rewriting the code for The Logo Creator basically from the ground up.

    The software will look and feel the same, but the engine will be completely new. It's really cool and I'm excited about it.

    The NEW version 6.0 of The Logo Creator will be a update for both Mac AND Windows users. It'll be a free update to boot.

    I originally coded The Logo Creator (back in 2001) with a product called "Director" from Macromedia. Director was incredible. It allowed for SO much. Video integration, animation, programming code, magic tricks like text effects¦

    Adobe bought it out in 2007 and basically let it die. They've given up on Director (for unknown reasons). Which left a lot of us developers out in the cold. SO, my programmer has had the enormous task of re-writing everything.

    We had hoped for an October 1st release. But, as hundreds of you have already yelled at me about, this date has come and gone. But really, this update IS coming. And soon.

    Forum Update

    I've also been working behind the scenes on rebuilding The Laughingbird Forum.
    On Monday - I'll send out a quick note. if you'd like to take a peak:

    If you're a previous member of the forum, you'll find some nice changes. If you've never been in - hop in and take a look when you can.

    The Web Graphics Creator

    For those of you who've been keeping track of Laughingbird Software, you may have been hoping for - and waiting on - the release of the new Web Graphics Creator software.
    This is STILL in the works, and is waiting on the re-write of the engine for The Logo Creator (version 6). This was the sole reason I had stopped progress on it all.

    The Web Graphics Creator software is still one of my most ambitious projects. (It'll be a monthly design and graphics club AND, it'll be a brand new software product that will allow you to create a ton of really nice Web Graphics for your business; eCovers, buttons, page headers, Facebook pages. Both will integrate together

    ...Stay tuned, this too is coming shortly.

    That's pretty much it for now.
    thanks for reading!

    As always, if you have any questions - post below!

    - Marc

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