Hi All, I'm looking for designers to partner with?

Discussion in 'Introduce yourself!' started by virtual, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. virtual

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    Hi All,

    I don't have any design experience, what I do have is a great piece of software which I had designed for our company Virtual Media Solutions.
    This software builds a website with all its functions including E-commerce, forums, gallery, newletters, Feedback form, ect. within a short amount of time. All that is then left to do is upload the content, design and graphics.

    I am looking for design businesses to use this software to build their clients websites, and as a company we will provide you with this software branded to your business if you like Free of charge, and will also pay you a commission for every site built.

    I wasn't sure how to approach developers with this proposition so thought this place would be a good a place as any.

    I am interested to hear feedback feel free to email direct if you want additional info lorraine@virtualmediauk.com

    To visit our site which was built using this software visit www.virtualmediauk.com

    Thanks and I hope to get your feedback soon.:image28:
  2. Chris

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    Sounds pretty neat. I run many online businesses. I have a BIG client base also. Can you give me a trial of this software to try and see how it works?
  3. virtual

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    Hi Chris

    You are able to access the Web Wizard when you go to

    Click on start the Merlin Web Wizard, then what I suggest is if you could email me direct with your details we can take things further if you are interested.




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