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Discussion in 'The Business Card Creator version 1.0' started by tdm900, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. tdm900

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    "..the margins,lable size,and number across and down values produce a page that is larger than the page size".
    again!!!! and again...!!!! and again!!!
    i can't print anything!!!!!
    i have done all the possible settings . The values are only simple numbers , no "mm , cm , inches" nothing!!!
    I have print with my perfect canon printer anything you can imagine. With CIC nothing!!!!
    Finally, I will break my pc...my printer...i will devorce my wife ,and the reason will be the CIC program!!!!!!!!!!:image10-1:
  2. KD-did

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    Did you choose the landscape print option?

    Have you tried saving or publishing as a PDF file and then launching Adobe Reader and see if you can print your work using Adobe's Reader print option ?

    Work around options:

    Being you have to buy "card stock" anyhow for printing business cards....often times when you buy business card paper stock there is an option to buy it with and without software included which would allow importing of files to make business cards...and would match their particular cuts of the business card layouts/templates for printing. The price difference is very small amount of money and you would only purchase it the first time you buy that brand of card stock after that you can purchase that brand of "card stock" without software...Some business card stock is only made for 8 cards per sheet and others 10 cards per sheet. Some card stock the cuts have space in between cards others do not.... Having software specific to your paper stock has definitely advantages. Or you could use any desktop publishing software that you happen have on board as an alternative for printing until the update is released.

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