Happy New Year! Upcoming Software!

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    Happy New Year everybody!
    I can't belive it's 2006!

    I've got some great things planned for '06.
    Some of the new items in the works (all coming very shortly):

    More logos for The Logo Creator!
    We've got a NEW version of The Logo Creator coming out. Ready for Flash animated logos? Hang tight. This new version is about done.

    This new version will also add some enhancements, fix a few bugs and a will give TLC a slight speed boost. Along with the above: 300 new logos!

    Each logo set will be getting MORE logos! Each currently selling logo set will now contain 50 logos.

    PLUS! I'm adding more logo sets! There will be a Sports pak, a Real Estate edition and 4 more sets I'll announce later.

    The Flash Ad Creator gets a new version!
    The Flash Ad Creator has gone through a little makeover too!
    It will now contain 100 animated ad-banners (currently, there are 60). You'll also be able to change the text size, color and font! AND, you'll be able to pause on your specified frame for an x number of seconds (great if you want to leave your URL up on the screen longer).

    The Corporate Identity Creator will officially launch!
    We've finally done it. Partnered with VistaPrint.com :D
    We're setting things up on the back end and will launch this product (the stand alone version) very shortly!

    The eCover Creator will also get a little boost and face lift!

    The Logo Creator and The Flash Ad Creator have both been picked up at local retailers here in the U.S.A (CompUSA, Fry's, OfficeMax, OfficeDepot and The Apple store to name a few!)

    Thanks for being a part of Laughingbird.

    Happy New Year!

    - Marc

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