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    The Logo Creator has been a reliable software product for me for years.
    So, when I was offered the option to also purchase the Presentation Creator, I thought it would be as reliable.
    Unfortuanetely, I am not able to fully use the product. None of the templates work - instead the programm crashes (see previous post of mine).

    Even worse is that no one seems to be able to help me.
    Neither the forum nor Marc (as the programmer, I belive) has as of yet answered my posts.
    I cannot even register the software. Did I buy a dud?
  2. laughingbird

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    Hi there Manni.
    Sorry to hear this.

    - No worries. ... can you eMail me?
    I've looked up the past letters regarding the Presentation Creator but can't find any from you. (OR, maybe I'm not looking up your name correctly).

    eMail me your order number - I'll take care of you.


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