Are my V3 and V4 gone???

Discussion in 'Questions or troubles updating' started by turtlebugs3, Jul 9, 2007.

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    I admit to not being too bright. I downloaded the Mascot Edition awhile back and had a lot of problems which, thanks to you guys, were resolved. I want to combine everything I had before I got V5. When I click on V3 or V4 of TLC in my programs I just get the uninstall option. How do I get the other editions back and combined with V5? I'm so not good at this stuff. I have read some of the threads on how to do it but since I can't open V3 or V4 I'm kinda lost.:image06-1:
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    The only thing you can do to further compile your editions is go to C:/Programs Folder/The Logo Creator V3 or V4 ......... and take all of your saved logo .TLC files and move them over to the C:/Programs Folder/The Logo Creator V5/Logo Libraries/My Templates Folder ............ Now all the projects you created can be edited in the V5 Software. After getting everything you need from the old versions I see no reason to leave them on your computer.. What I just told you is exactly what I did when upgrading to V5 from V4. I then did a uninstall for V4 and everything was fine.. Majority of things such as image/logo elements are included in the Newest Version. However some older outdated images or elements are not. So if you want any thing particular past your .TLC files that I explained above then you can sift your way through the old version folders and snag them..

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